Places Around the World That Share Their Names with Famous Indian Cities

Places Around the World That Share Their Names with Famous Indian Cities

Ever articulated the awesome name of our very own city and considered how remarkable it echoes in your ears? You should remember that for everyone, they do not sound to be not as special and pleasant as you need to want these places to be. For instance, there lies another Salem which is also the name of a place in another country. There are numerous other such urban communities that impact their names from our famous cities, however, are situated in another area outside India. All this takes away your specific homeland name to the following level.  Given below are names of such places.

1. Delhi (Both in U.S and India)

Articulated as Delhi, India by the neighbor hood inhabitants, it is a Merced County in the city of California. This US Delhi has a populace more than 10,000 as indicated by the 2010 United States statistics.

2. Kochi (Both in Japan and Kerala, India)

Kochi which was in the past known as Cochin in India is additionally called the Arabian Sea Queen. For a long time, it was the Centre of the spice exchange and the home to Southern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. It is a part of the region of Ernakulam in the state of Kerala.

Kōchi in Japan is the capital city of chi Prefecture situated on the island of Shikoku. It is broadly known for it being the origin of the incredible Japanese personality Sakamoto Ryoma. Situated in the western Kōchi Prefecture, Japan, The River Shimanto is distant from significant urban areas and is said to be the last Japanese clear stream.

3. Calcutta (Both in the US and West Bengal, India)


Calcutta of United States was set up in 1870 as the coal town. It still has relatively few occupants. For building the principal block house there, William Foulks was designated and later the town came to be known as the “Foulks town”.

The Calcutta in India which is now called as Kolkata is known to be a city that has everything exclusive and excellent. The port of Kolkata is India’s most seasoned working port. It is also the sole major riverine port. Calcutta is the third most crowded metropolitan city in India.

4. Hyderabad (Both in Pakistan and A.P, India)

The Hyderabad in India got its name from a person who was the favorite of the city founder. Hyderabad Pakistan has been named after a cousin of famous Prophet Mohammed named as Haider Ali. Both the urban areas boast of having a royal historical past.

5. Baroda (Both in U.S and Gujarat, India)

Situated in the Berrien County in the U.S state of Michigan, Baroda is a town which is named after the Indian city, Baroda. The town got consolidated in 1907.

6. Thane (Both in Australia and in Maharashtra, India)

Thane, the one that exists in our motherland, houses the most wonderful shoreline scenes you would ever envision. Thane is known as the “City of Lakes” in light of the fact that the City lies in such coordinates of the ap and gloats of having 33 lakes inside the area. Thane of Australia is a name given to a city far from the access of the huge urban communities and is in Queensland.

7. Indore (Both in M.P, India and in U.S)

Situated in the West Virginia, United States, Indore is an unincorporated group in the area. It was inspired to get its name by “Endore” which is a Hebrew word that implies spring or settlement.

Indore (India) is both biggest and most crowded city in Madhya Pradesh. It is considered as the business capital of the state because the Center of training and education was portrayed by the Economic Times here. It has also been chosen amongst the initial twenty urban communities to be created as the smart cities in India by the Modi government.