What are Some of the Best Treks for a Solo Trekker in India?

solo treks in india

With each feature sufficiently entrancing to bring out an influx of excitement, India fills the trekkers with euphoria. India is a fortune trove with regards to trekking endeavors. It is flavored with the best of brilliant qualities and most extreme of social randomness that fits the longings of explorers perfectly. From the compelling Himalayas to laid-back Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Assam, India is a glad chasing ground for going past the breaking points and using the creative ability! Given below are some of the must experience trekking places of India which are fit for a solo trekker.

1. North India

The vast span of northern India invokes the enchanting views of heavenly pinnacles and valleys; pleasant lakes; secure fortresses; great royal residences and beautiful individuals saturated with bonhomie. Their wealth actually settles on trekkers feeling proud over their choice of spending on tickets for flights. The Himalayan odyssey possesses all the necessary qualities of such adventure lovers.

The trekkers respect the dauntless wayfarers with Leh, Ladakh. It is a remote yet a completely striking spot where one can take a dozen of adventure remarkable climbing and paragliding. There are likewise splendid trekking trails from Likir to Temisgam and Markha Valley from Spituk. Darjeeling in West Bengal is an awesome place where solo trekkers can benefit as much as possible from their cash they spent on booking flights to India. Trekking lovers can give themselves a chance to free themselves in the lap of magnificence.

2. South India

south india

Southern India is a concoction of a variety of qualities to boast about. Be it culture, characteristic marvels or craftsmanship, it welcomes everything with sheer, incomprehensible assortment. One can locate a great arrangement of a dazzling string of complex architectural design, important excavations of past, palm-bordered shorelines and verdant slopes which are impeccably set everywhere.

There is no limit to bewildering traveler trappings in the locale. Its wealth frequently lies in its bounty to solo voyagers who book tickets for flights and plan a visit here. One can have a pick as per the tastes and inclinations. Nature mates can decide on Hampi in Karnataka and relax in the land of Mother Nature’s beauty with hints of history. Zenana Enclosure, Anegundi, and Hanuman Temple are among the stamping grounds in Hampi offering the greatest blasts for the bucks that trekkers contributed on tickets for this weekend getaway arrangement. Thus, all these places are known to be doused in unparalleled ethos and have all that could possibly be needed to stimulate the favor of trekking buffs.