Travel to India leaves most in awe and surprise, and no exaggeration in that statement. The seventh largest country of world enfolds truly dynamic culture and landscapes that leave a magnetic effect in the minds of visitors.

Home to the majestic Tiger and Yoga, India is principally diversified in terms of modernity and agrarian culture. While the modern city showcases the new face of India, the hinterlands are living in times of yesteryears. Thus, you get to stay in luxurious resorts of modernistic outlook, while having the option of an extremely rural homestay far from civilization. The imperial monument like Taj Mahal or the Mughal Forts, the ancient temples, festive culture, the jungles and much more makes India a paragon travel destination for someone keen to explore diversity.

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India is home to almost 75% of the wild Tigers population in the world, with close 2500 big cats prowling in its forests. Sighting this majestic and mysterious Feline is highly recommended by travel experts. Corbett Tiger Reserve in northern India boasts the highest density of this endangered feline in the world. Other prominent ones are Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger reserve.


This monumental structure is amongst the Seven Wonders of World, and thus a ‘must visit’ on any travelers list. This pristine monument was built 350 years ago by emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj. And since then the monument has gained the reputation as the epitome of Love. If you are in India you cannot think of missing this true wonder of the world.


The beaches of Goa and Trance Party’s are not the only significance of Goa. This minute state in western India is an amalgam of old world charm of Portuguese culture. The place is teeming with old Churches and monuments. The sun, sand and the sea is best for tanning your body.


The mightiest of high mountains are nestled in India. The Himalayas are the highest places on the world, and a large section of these mesmerizing peaks are in the northern Indian territory. It would be apt to state that the Yoga and culture of Hinduism owe its significance to the Himalayas.


An essential destination of your Golden-Triangle tourism circuit, the city of Jaipur is acknowledged as the Pink City. Pink is symbolized with the hue that is prominent all around the city, including houses, which locals proudly showcase. Hawa Mahal, the Jaigarh Fort, and the Jantar Mantar would captivate your fantasy when you are in Jaipur.

Some nearby cities that you must visit are Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Alwar to name a few.


There is no dearth of destinations in India, and there is something for everyone. Visit Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of the world. Besides the turquoise flowing the Ganges you will find Yoga disciples in a perfect state of Trance. Close by are cities of Haridwar and Dehradun from where you get the first glimpses of Himalayas. In Dharamshala, you experience the Buddhism, and opportunity to visit the monasteries.