Durban is a pulsating city of straggling beaches and the colors are added with the multi-cultural influence. Durban is a city in KwaZulu-Natal province and offers a wide spectrum of activities to do. As a traveler, you will find Durban a great choice for your explorations.

Durban is sea facing and naturally offers a bundle of water sports activities. Depending on the kind of traveler you are, you can unwind in whatever manner you would like to. Whether you are someone who loves to laze around in beach shacks and do nothing much, or if your adrenaline calls for outdoors, Durban will offer just the right activity that you want.

Our experts who traveled to Durban have researched and put down the database of most happening things to do in Durban. Use it as information base before reaching Durban.

uShaka Sea World Experience / Wet and Wild Park

Situated on the Golden Mile, the uShake Sea World is fun park offering a multitude of activities that is best experienced with family and children. Doesn’t mean that couples cannot enjoy the theme park. uShake Sea World has transformed into one of the largest museums and definitely the biggest attraction of Durban city. The adrenaline experience of Wet and Wild water park should leave you spellbound. There are numerous water rides for every age and group. For memorabilia and purchase, one must head to Village Walk Shopping Center for some essential local shopping.

uShake Sea World aquarium offers close encounters with marine life. Book yourself for Shark Dive Experience and take a dive with Sharks in an enclosed cylinder. The sport is for 12 years and above only. The Ocean Walker experience would also be a thrilling experience, getting up close with marine life.

Explore the City

A great way to explore Durban city is through Ricksha Bus. The famous ride will take you through the best spots of Durban as part of its package tour. The three-hour tour on a Double-decker bus would include major points of interest like Burman Bush, the famous Beaches, Cathedral and uShake Marine world.

Further, you will explore the Indian essence of Africa, as this is the largest Diaspora of Indians outside India, giving it the multicultural essence. The Yusuf Dadoo and Bertha Mkhize streets are famous for Indian wares and food. The best way to explore the Durban streets of Indians is by taking a walk through and find what makes Durban a true Indian heritage.

The Golden Mile

The Durban CBD is the home to “Mile” – the stunning golden sand beach line kissing the city life. In reality, the place extends for almost four miles from Blue Lagoon south to the Durban Harbor. The Golden Mile beach is an energetic hub of activities and interests. Locals use the brick-paved footpath for running and biking. At any time of the day, you will find something happening. While the beach itself is bustling with action. You should love the Kite-boarding that have been pulling desperate youngsters trying it. Some of those daring people can be seen fighting the waves through Surfing the big waves here.

If you don’t like to walk much then simply hire a rental bike anywhere on Golden Mile and see for yourself what this place is all about. We recommend that you spend one full day at the Golden Mile to find something more about Durban.

Durban Botanical Gardens Tour

The Durban Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden of Africa and it came into existence in 1849. The garden has the specimen of Wood’s Cycads, which are 250 million years old, predating the Dinosaur age. The species is named after John Medley Wood who discovered the last surviving species of this plant in late 1800’s.

The Durban Botanical Garden tour is like walking back in history and knowing a thing or two about the past of planet earth.

The Thousand Hills

The undulating valley of 1000 Hills is very popular amongst travelers, as well as the local tourists. Once you drive away from the sea for about half hour you are reaching 1000 Hills. The moment you reach there you will start to feel the air of peace and relaxation. The entire country is unstrained and you get the glimpse of the countryside of 1000 Hills, which is a sight of remembrance. It tells you the truth of life in the city as compared to villages.

100 Hills can be best experienced through Phezulu Safari Park where you go for a Game drive and try experience some wildlife. The Crocodile & Snake park is another prime attraction during your visit to 1000 Hills. The Umgeni Steam Railway day trip is again a must pursue the activity. Rest assured you will get a much-needed break from the tantrums of city life here in the outback of 1000 Hills.

The Sharks Board Boat Tour

The coastlines of KwaZulu-Natal are well organized, especially for the protection against the Sharks and other marine creatures. The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board stays focus on their task of protecting surfers and swimmers from any potential harm. And they’ve done a very good job.

To educate people, the KZN Sharks Board runs a tour where you can be a part of their team and see first-hand what their task is all about. It can be enriching for people curious about the sea and marine life. You get to go with the crew of board and hope of an encounter with exotic marine life. So the Sharks Board Boat Tour is a must on your Durban visit.

Tala Game Reserve Safari

You aren’t far from wildlife while in Durban. Within an hour you can reach the Tala Game Reserve, within the range of amazing wildlife.

The Tale Game park spreads 7,400 acres and homes Rhino, Hippo, besides home to 400 bird species. The ideal way to get up and close with nature is by staying at a camp there, go for safaris with the guide, or even drive on your own. You would not be very far from sighting wild animals.

Play Casino

On the Golden Mile you walk into Suncoast Casino and here you could be opening doors of your fortune. It is the biggest casino of Durban and sparkle in the night light like some diamond. On entering you fill find almost 1500 slot machines and more than 50 gaming tables. Play as much as you can afford and should. HelpTravelerOnline always suggests for gambling and drinking with a responsibility.

Suncoast casino also has its own private beach. So if you want to unwind yourself away from money making then head down to the golden beach.

If that doesn’t satisfy you there are still many more casinos in Durban. The

Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom is one such name that we recommend.

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