Adventure Tours

Mountaineering: No other destination can be as perfect for Mountaineering as the Himalayas. The mighty Himalayas offers the optimum backdrop to try backpacking, trekking or to attempt the difficulties of peak climbing expedition. Trek to the Source of Ganges in Uttarakhand Himalayas inches you closer to spirituality, while giving you a panoramic glimpse of mighty Himalayas.

Rock Climbing
Negotiating rocky cliffs is eventually becoming a popular sport amongst adventure enthusiasts. Rock climbing is popular in northern India in the Himalayan terrain because of ideal geography. However, it is also advised to check out the Karnataka and Maharashtra that provides a perfect set-up to attempt the sport of rock climbing.

Adventure is not confined to mere Mountaineering. The gushing rivers of India, especially Himalayas are perfect for paddle sports of White Water Rafting, Kayaking and Canoeing. Rivers like Ganges, Zanskar, Beas and Brahmputra are worldwide famous for Rafting and Kayaking. Seasoned professionals and amateurs dwell these famous rivers to experience the adrenaline rush. Rafting is Rishikesh is hot-spot for this specialized tour.

Nature Tours
India is blessed with stunning natural beauty. To the north are gigantic Himalayas with Terrai Arc hiding orphic jungles yet to be explored. Down south is a vast shoreline that offers vast virgin beaches, not to omit the exotic sea food to savor. In between you’ll find mountain ranges of Aravali and the Western Ghats that are far older than the Himalayas itself. These landscapes become the perfect backdrop for organizing Nature Tours.

Wildlife Exploration
India is home to myriad wildlife species spread from north to south. While the presence of Tigers, Elephants and Leopards are globally known, there are numerous other wildlife species that have their homes in India. The ghostly Snow Leopard or the rare Clouded Leopard, or even the Gibbons in east India are rare to witness. India is also the last home of Asiatic Lions, found in Gujarat. The avifauna of India is also second to none.