Most Common Problems That Long-Term Travellers Face


When you tell someone that you are a long-term traveller, most of them think that you have a glamorous lifestyle with all the gold and glitter. However, you know how hectic and frustrating it can be to keep travelling all around the year. Travelling the world seems to be too exciting initially, but soon it loses its lustre and charm. At one point, you feel sick of travelling and you feel like staying at home. If you are a long-term traveller, you must have faced a variety of problems while travelling during your trips. Here is a list of most common travel problems that long-term travellers face.

Jet lag:

  • Jet lag occurs when you travel across at least two world time zones. By doing this, you create a lot of difference in the night and daytime that your body is used to. As a result, you feel sleepy and tired during the day, and wake up at the nights.

To avoid this, adjust yourself to the time zone of the destination you are travelling to, and avoid sleeping during daytime of that time zone.

Food poisoning:

  • Long-term travellers don’t have access to home-made food, due to which they are exposed to unhealthy food at restaurants and hotels.As a result, they frequently experience food poisoning and have to deal with diarrhea, constipation, bloating, flatulence and other stomach related problems.

To avoid this, try to eat healthy food as far as possible, and find ways to cook on your own as well.

Out of cash:

  • Running out of cash is one of the common travel problems that most long-term travellers face. You can’t carry loads of cash all around, as it is heavy and has a risk of being stolen too. If you run out of cash during your trip, you can land in some serious trouble.

To avoid this, learn digital ways of making payments and buying things. Carry debit cards and credit cards instead of cash, and enroll to your bank’s net banking facility as well.

Too heavy luggage:

  • If you are a long-term traveller, you have to carry many things that will keep you comfortable and equipped during your trip. As you travel around, you may also end up buying things due to which your luggage can become too heavy.

To avoid this, stay away from buying things that you don’t require during your trip. Also, carry things that are as light and compact as possible, and don’t consume much space. For instance, inflatable water bottles, multi-tools, etc.

Missed flight:

  • Missed flight, train or bus is one of the common problems of travelling that long-term travellers face. If you even land into such a situation, first of all, don’t panic. Wait patiently for the next flight, or look for another way to get to your destination.

To avoid this, set your alarms for the right time, and try to reach the airport, station or bus stand at least an hour before the scheduled departure.