Best Waterfalls in Maharashtra You Must Visit This Monsoon

Best Waterfalls in Maharashtra

There are a very few people who don’t love monsoon. It is the time when valleys and their enclosing hillsides turn vibrant, the rivers and the waterfalls flow in full vigour. Since the water drops down with all its might during the monsoon, it the best time to visit the tourist sites that are known for their waterfalls. Maharashtra has some of the best mesmerizing waterfalls.

Bhivpuri Waterfalls

Located in Bhivpuri, a small town in Karjat Taluka, Bhivpuri Waterfalls is considered as one of the best of Maharashtra. The 20 ft high waterfall is the most preferred weekend vacation getaway. Take a walk from the Bhivpuri Rail railway station and indulge yourself into the scenic lush greenery and the small streams from the hillside. Do not forget to gorge on the famous vada pav of Karjat. The best time to visit is from June to September.

Tungareshwar Waterfall

Tungareshwar is a green belt situated at East Vasai and is famous for its Waterfall.A frequented monsoon travel destination, the place has two prime attractions— the Waterfalls and Tungareshwar Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.A short trek of about 8km to the top takes around two hours. The best route is the Vasai Highway. Plan a weekend one-day picnic to Tungareshwar and enjoy the monsoon to the fullest.

Pandavkada Waterfall

Located in a suburb in Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, Pandavkada Waterfall is placed in the middle of the Pandavkada Hills. Plunging down from a height of 107 meters, this majestic waterfall doesn’t fail to impress. The lush green hills and the cloud-laden monsoon skies are a delight to the eyes. Take the Sion-Panvel Highway to reach Pandavkada waterfall.

Vangani Waterfall

Located in a village called Bedis near the Vangani town, the waterfall is also known as Bhagirathi Waterfall. Vagani receives quite a heavy rainfall during the monsoon. The entire area turns enchanting and picturesque with its bright green surroundings. Another attraction includes a 25-feet high dam. Since the area has a limited number of stalls, it is better to carry your own food.Take the Airoli-Sheelfata-Badlapur route. The waterfall is at a distance of 13km. from Badlapur.

Thoseghar Waterfalls

Located near a village called Thoseghar, 20km. from Satara City, Thoseghar Falls lie on the edge of the Konkan region. With a height of 1666 ft, it is the tallest waterfall in India. The area has a series of waterfalls ranging from 15-20 meters to 200 meters. The newly developed picnic spot has a platform that can be entered through the valley. People from all over Maharashtra visit the area during the monsoon.

Kune Falls

Lonavala and Khandala are one of the most sought after vacation destinations in Maharashtra. Located centrally with the Lonavala-Khandala valley, it is the 14th largest waterfall (650 feet) in India. The pristine white falls surrounded by the lush green landscapes of the Sahyadriare sure to take your breath away. Take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway to reach Lonavala bypass.So, next time when you plan a tour to Lonavala, don’t forget to visit Kune Falls.

Randha Falls

Located near Bhandardara, a small village in the Ahmednagar district, the 170 ft. high Randha Waterfalls falls into a majestic ravine. The Parvara River flowing down into a small canyon offers an amazing view. The nearby temple on the banks of the river is also a favorite spot for the tourists. Igatpuri is the nearest railway station that is 35 km. away from Bhandardara.

Take a short break and head to any of the nearby travel destinations. Experience the serene surroundings and add solace to your weary soul.