Kuldhara: The Abandoned and Cursed Ghost Town of Rajasthan

Kuldhara: The Huanted places in india

There is a town in Rajasthan near Jaisalmer named “Kuldhara”, where 200 years prior individuals left it deserted. Kuldhara was accepted to be built up in 1291. It was once a lovely town having a populace of more than 1700 individuals.Kuldhara story is known to be one od the weirdest stories.

The legend of Kuldhara

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It is said that Kuldhara was once under the kingdom of Pali, a little kingdom in desert Thar of India. Salim Singh who was also known as Salum Singh was then the Prime Minister of Jaisalmer. He was the most capable authority.He was well-known for his lustful eye and fiendishness. One fine day, his eyes fell on an extremely beautiful village young girl who happened to be Chief’s daughter. He was awe-struck by her beauty. Captivated by her magnificence, he made a request to the Chief to get married to her, but his proposition was denied by the Chief as the Deewan was from a lower social status community.

He undermined them that he will give just a single day for looking into his proposition then he will powerfully enter the town and take her by force after the due date. He likewise debilitated the villagers to face outcomes with substantial charges if his request to be engaged was disrespected.

The Paliwals were left with no decision, so chose to relocate from the town promptly to maintain a strategic distance from death and disrespect. They brought whatever they could with themselves and left their families and the vast majority of the animals’ behind as they never wished to return. Before they cleared out, they reviled that the town would stay uninhabited for times immemorial and the individuals who endeavor to live in these towns would die immediately. They also said that if anyone attempted to uncover their riches after they have once gone, would live to lament theirs doing.

It is additionally trusted that the Paliwals left their towns in 1825 upon the arrival of RakshaBandhan. Kuldhara today is kept up by the Archeological Survey of India as a legacy site.

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Numerous stories have been drifting around. Some say the “chudails” or phantoms strolled around in the night, visiting the place. Others say that nobody lived here any longer as secretive deaths have happened. No one really knows anything about them, some say they originated from Pali in Jodhpur, some say they back-pedaled to Pali yet just their souls now rest in Kuldhara.