India’s Most Haunted: D’Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai

India's Most Haunted: D'Souza Chawl in Mahim, Mumbai

Ask a man or anybody concerning why he or she puts stock in apparitions and you will abandon him or her reasoning for a minute. Nobody can instantly answer this question. It is a conviction established somewhere down in our souls yet we can’t clarify why it is there. We are all perplexed of apparitions, however, pause for a minute and think. Is it truly a dread?

Another question that nobody can appear to answer is the thing that brought forth the idea of chawls and where did that name originate from? I have lived in Mumbai for such a long span of years yet nobody would ever disclose to me what the word Chawl precisely implied. However, they are all around. Legend has it that each intense thing or individual in Mumbai left these chawls. Intense gatherings like Shiv Sena were shaped here in these chawls. Stroll into a Chawl and you will discover each formula for a Bollywood motion picture, be it a show, romantic tale or activity. One of these chawls, however, exhibits a theme for blood too. This Chawl is called D Souza Chawl.

Situated in the bustling region of Mahim, this Chawl resembles some other of thousands of chawls in Mumbai. The structure is a remarkable 3 storied building that houses several families. Stroll into it and you will witness each issue of a typical man’s life. Destitution, attempting to make a decent living, lack of power and water, family issues, neighbor issues, love issues, they are all here yet, there is nothing vile about this place. It is simply one more building pressed with individuals.

If we take a deep gander at the D Souza Chawl; we will find that there is a deplorable episode, a passing that has occurred here or possibly individuals trust that it happened. In spite of the fact that it does not exist anymore, legend has it that there was a well appropriately placed in the focal point of this Chawl. Water issues are normal among all chawls of Mumbai and D’Souza Chawl was no exemption. To think of an answer, occupants uncovered a well all alone in the focal point of the Chawl and it sort of tackled the water issues of this little private settlement.

Nobody around then felt that somebody can really fall in the well too. So, a limit divider was not assembled. It was quite recently left as a profound gap in the ground in that spot in the centre of the Chawl like a catastrophe holding up to happen and it did. A long time later, a lady strolled up to the well to make her kids drink water late around evening time. She slipped and fell inside. There are bits of gossip that she battled for some time, shouted out for someone to offer assistance. Her agonizing shouts were heard by everybody that night yet when individuals came to help, she had been completely suffocated. Her body was hauled out and incinerated yet nobody would ever envision utilizing the water of that well to drink or for some other reason and so the well was topped off.

Lady’s family couldn’t stand to live in this Chawl any longer and out of torment, they moved out. As far back as this episode, individuals discuss that they are as yet observing the lady at the correct spot where the well was. She is by all accounts safe, never hurt anyone, however, continues showing up from time to time. A few people even specify that they can even hear her difficult weeps for help during the evening hours and at the time see her walking around at night in a white sari.

Anyhow, can it be that it is dependably a poor lady doing the tiring work of frequenting? At all places where such things happen like Delhi Cantt, Tunnel of Shimla, Dow Hill, D Souza Chawl etc.; it’s dependably a lady pursuing individuals. Indeed, even in motion pictures, it’s dependably a lady strolling around throughout the night in circles with a flame in her hand, searching for a man she was enamored with in her life.