Offbeat Places in Girona


Girona, a charming city in Catalonia, Spain, is renowned for its well-preserved historic center, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes. While many visitors flock to the iconic sites, there’s a world of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered off the beaten path. In this guide, we’ll unveil the offbeat places in Girona that will give you a unique and authentic experience beyond the typical tourist spots.

Historical Gems

Sant Pere de Galligants Monastery

  • Discover the Past: Nestled in Girona’s old town, the Sant Pere de Galligants Monastery is an architectural masterpiece with a rich history. Its unique features, including the serene cloister, will transport you back in time.

Jewish History Museum

  • A Different Perspective: Delve into the lesser-known aspects of Girona’s history at the Jewish History Museum. This hidden gem offers insights into the city’s Jewish heritage with intriguing exhibits.

Natural Escapes

Sant Daniel Valley

  • Nature’s Haven: Escape the city’s hustle in the Sant Daniel Valley. Explore hiking trails, encounter local flora and fauna, and enjoy the tranquility of this peaceful retreat.

The Gardens of La Devesa

  • Secret Garden: Discover the hidden corners of The Gardens of La Devesa, a beautiful park where locals unwind. This oasis of greenery is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a quiet picnic.

Hidden Culinary Treasures

Traditional Catalan Restaurants

  • Culinary Adventure: Savor the delights of Catalan cuisine at local, family-run restaurants. Try offbeat dishes that are a true reflection of the region’s culinary heritage.

Local Markets

  • Flavors of Girona: Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Girona by visiting the local markets. Interact with friendly vendors, sample fresh produce, and embrace the local food culture.

Art and Culture

Eiffel Bridge

  • Architectural Marvel: Learn about the history of the Eiffel Bridge and capture unique photographs of Girona from this remarkable vantage point.

Art Galleries

  • Emerging Art Scene: Explore lesser-known art galleries showcasing the works of talented local artists. Immerse yourself in Girona’s burgeoning art and culture scene.

Outdoor Adventures

Kayaking on the Ter River

  • On the Water: Embark on a kayaking adventure down the Ter River. Witness scenic landscapes and local wildlife, all while enjoying a unique perspective of Girona.

Cycling through Girona’s Countryside

  • Pedal Through Beauty: Discover offbeat cycling routes in Girona’s countryside. Rent a bike, gear up, and explore the stunning natural surroundings at your own pace.

Day Trips from Girona


  • Medieval Charm: Plan a day trip to Besalú, a nearby medieval town brimming with history and captivating attractions.

Empordà Wine Region

  • Wine Enthusiast’s Paradise: Visit the Empordà Wine Region for wine tours and tastings. Explore vineyards that offer unique wine experiences.

Local Festivals and Events

Lesser-known Festivals

  • Hidden Celebrations: Participate in local festivals that might not be on every tourist’s radar. Experience the traditions and cultural celebrations of Girona.

Community Events

  • Local Gatherings: Attend community events to mingle with locals and gain a deeper understanding of Girona’s vibrant community life.

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