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The word Adventure means a wild and exciting undertaking, which may not necessarily be lawful. So if you have adrenaline to do things that most others won’t even think of attempting then you have landed on the right page. In this section, our travel experts talk about the best adventure sports to indulge in.

Before we start it is helpful to explain the geography of this country. Sitting on the north like crown are the mighty Himalayas that divides Indian subcontinent from the Eurasian plate. On the west in the Thar desert. Towards southwest is the Western Ghats that breathes life in this landscape. The eastern part of India is primarily the foothills of the Himalayas. Half of Indian border is coastline.

The varied geographical diversity makes India a fine adventure sports destination. Here are the best activities recommended by

Peak Climbing

The sport of Peak Climbing is classified into categories depending on the difficulty of the peak. While the easy ones can be climbed after minor preparations, the difficult peaks would need many years of planning and dedication. And even then the success of the attempt is never guaranteed. Peak climbing is one discipline where you are highly at the mercy of nature.

India is home to the maximum area of the Himalayan range. As a result, the peak climbers can take chance to climb at some of the most rugged peaks of Himalayas. Mount Shivling in Garhwal recently faced the fatality of two Polish climbers in late 2016. Also, Mount Kamet peak climb is the second highest in India. Adjoining to India is Nepal, home to the highest of peaks. Mount Everest is any climbers dream. Annapurna in Nepal is also famous for its peak climbing.


The trans-Himalayas are a perfect place on earth for trekking. There are other places in India as well for trekking adventures.

In the north in the Himalayas there could be thousands of treks, many of them yet to be explored. The Source of Gange’s trek, which is the origin of river Ganges, is considered as one of the holiest and most spiritual treks to anywhere. In Uttarakhand, the best-recommended treks are Roopkund lake (combined with Homkund and Ronti Saddle), Dodi Tal and  Dayara Bugyal treks (for beginner trekker). Chadar trek in Kashmir in winters on the frozen river makes up for an extreme adventure activity. The pan patia col expedition is one of the harder treks that one can opt for when going one step further.

For moderate hikers, the treks in the Western Ghats and some in central India would be more appealing.


Backpacking destinations are the ones where you stay for longer at marginal cost. India is relatively a cheaper country to dwell in. And backpackers find India as a great relief, giving them options of staying in India in a cost-friendly manner.

Dharamshala and Manali in Himachal are widely known for cheap accommodation. So backpackers from across the world rush there, some even making it their second home. The same goes for Rishikesh. This small town on the bank of Ganges is any backpackers delight. One can plan to stay in Goa as well because of its long stay option. Munnar, Meghalaya, Pushkar and Spiti are also fitting destinations for backpacking.

Nature Tours

The tours that specifically deal with nature are the choice of ardent wildlife lovers. The great monsoon of India owes a great deal for the greenery in India. India has no dearth wildlife reserve and nature parks and there will be one that is most suitable to your taste. From the southern India to the north you will find plenty of Nature Tours in India. The Tiger Reserves of India are globally famous, and you can find one in any part of India. Also, the natural landscapes of India offer a plenty of nature tours for exploration purpose.

Wildlife Explorations

India is pulsating with wildlife. There is no lack of animals or wildlife that one wants to witness in India. HelpTravelerOnline gives you information about the best wildlife parks in India that guarantees exciting wildlife sightings. For Tigers, one must head to Corbet Tiger Reserve in the foothills of Himalayas. The reserve has the highest density of Tigers and therefore sightings are a high possibility. The Gir National Park in Gujarat is the last home of Asiatic Lions. In the northern Himalayas, one can attempt to sight the elusive Snow Leopard. For that one has to visit MarkhaValley, Nanda DeviNational Park, GreatHimalayanNational Park and similar high altitude wildlife reserves. Elephants and Leopards are in galore in the Indian forests.

For bird-watching India have great options like Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa or the Kutch Bustard Sanctuary in Gujarat. The migratory Crane settlement at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan is also a hotbed for birders.

Rock Climbing

The sport of Rock Climbing is catching the fancy of adventure lovers in India. Until a few years, we had visiting foreigners in India who tried their skills on rock climbing. However, today it is a professional sport in India with trained experts organizing rock climbing activity.

India offers a great of ideal rock face and cliffs to try out this sport. Himachal Pradesh has got some excellent locations of the technical rock face that are now a hotbed for the adventurers. Trying out rock climbing in Miyar Valley and in Parvati Valley are truly adventurous. Karnataka offers Hampi, Badami, Madhugiri that are for ideal rock climbing. Malshej ghat is Maharashtra is also gaining popularity for rock climbing activities.

In a nutshell, one can attempt rock climbing anywhere in India where one find suitable rock wall where fixing a rope is possible.

White Water Rafting / River Rafting

The Himalayan rivers of India are gushing down towards plains of India and naturally form the terrain for white water rafting. India can offer some of the best white water rafting experience anywhere in the world. No wonder that amateurs and professionals head to Indian rivers for this adrenaline sports.

Try white water rafting in Rishikesh in the Ganga and that trip would remain in your memory for a long time to come. In Uttarakhand, you can pull your socks for the Tons river rafting challenge that is seriously meant for professionals, strictly not for the first timer. Brahmaputra rafting expeditions are also quite amazing and loved by people. In Kashmir, the river Indus considered as one of the hardest to attempt white water rafting.

Cycling Tours in India

A Bicycle is an obvious sign of freedom and adventure. A cyclist would look to venture unexplored places at his or her own pace. In today’s age cycling has turned out into passion alongside being a professional sport.

India offers a wide option of cycling trails and passages that not just lets you test your stamina & strength, but also help you go far-flung places and explore countryside and landscapes.  The Leh to Khardung La cycling tour is an exhilarating experience of cycling amidst the Himalayas – nothing can beat it, and HelpTravelerOnline travel analyst recommends this as the best cycling tour in the country. The Shillong to Cherrapunji cycling trip is also pleasant ride in the mountains.

For a coastal cycling experience try out the East Coast Road between Chennai and Pondicherry or the Mangalore to Goa road can be best planned out in winter months for a cycling tour in India.

Paddle Sports Adventure

Try out numerous paddle sports that can be pursued on water. Owing to the great rivers in India the best paddle sport we can think of is White water rafting. Rafting does not require any previous training if done with a trained guide. Rishikesh is worldwide famous for its rafting. River Indus whiter water rafting and Zanskar river white water rafting are considered one of the hardest in the world. Rafting is also great fun in Teesta river in Sikkim.

For even greater adventure why not learn Kayaking and do solo paddle sports. Kayaking in India is gaining popularity now as paddle sports. Ganga river in Rishikesh is a great Kayaking learning ground. So are the river mentioned above, as they are optimum for kayaking.

India is also perfect for Sailing, Scuba Diving, and surfing.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is an extreme adventure sport. In simple words, a person on a harness is tied with a bungee cord in his legs and a jump from a higher platform let the person do a freefall. Bungee jumping is addictive and once you love it you want to do it again and again. At the same time, it is not a sport for faint hearted.

For Bungee Jumping, Jumpin Height in Rishikesh, India offers the best arrangement, as observed amongst travelers. The Rishikesh facility is highest in India, with the 83-meter jump and operated by Kiwi operators.

Ozone Adventure in Bangalore and Gravity Adventure in Goa are also offering the good opportunity for Bungee Jumping in India. Della Adventure has set up a good Bungee platform in Lonavala, which is popular amongst Mumbai and Pune crowd.

Motorcycle Tours in India

Have you written your Motorcycle Diaries? If you have already done a few motorcycle tours in a country or abroad then remember that this road never ends. And if you are a beginner then there is the world to explore for you through Motorcycle tours of India.

So, what exactly are you looking for in your motorcycling expedition? If you want to explore mountains then Ladakh motorcycle tour in Jammu & Kashmir would meet most of your expectations. The Spiti Valley motorcycle tour offers more of greener Himalayas. The motorcycle tour of Ahmedabad to Kutch gives you a desert experience with a great countryside experience. Same goes with Jaipur to Jaisalmer motorcycling tour that offers abundant of sand and sun. But these desert tours are ideal for winter season. Otherwise, the heat may get to you.