Baisakhi Festival in Punjab

Baisakhi celebration in Punjab

Vaisakhior Baisakhi the New Year of Sikh community which is commended each year on April thirteenth or fourteenth. This festival is a religious celebration where Sikhs additionally celebrate the formation of Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa Panthunder. It is additionally a harvest celebration for Sikhs. The celebration holds colossal significance for the Sikhs and is likewise know by different names in different districts.

What Does this Festival Symbolize?

This is known to be a celebration that denotes the penances of Gurus and furthermore is a method for thanksgiving for the great yields. People gather and continue favoring God for the successful reaping of wheat. Individuals carry out parades called Nagar kirtan which is driven by five males dressed as the famous banjaras.

Individuals sing, make merry and stroll through the town to praise the celebration. Apart from this, there is another approach to praise the celebration which individuals have selected quite recently and that is to celebrate this day by sending different presents to wish their loved ones a cheerful Baisakhi.

A Variety of Offers this Baisakhi

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Since the occasion of KalBaisakhi is very advantageous for Kharif crops, it by and large gives satisfaction to farmers besides giving them the advantage of making more money with the good yield. Amid this time, there are many benefits offered on the online retail joints crosswise over India. The farmer group likes to praise the occasion of kalBaisakhi with full energy and thus they enjoy shopping of garments and embellishments. Practically, every shopping done to praise the occasion during the festive season is entitled to lucrative rebate coupons and codes and gives customers the chance to purchase all they need at alluring costs. A standout amongst the most painful occasions for agriculturists crosswise over North and East India, KalBaisakhi doubtlessly gives them the chance to rein the harvests and make them profitable for financial fulfillment.

Baisakhi celebrations in other regions of India

The promising Baisakhifestival is praised all through India. However, it is celebrated under various names and different arrangements of ceremonies.

  1. Assam – Individuals of Assam call this day by the name ofRongaliBihu. This is known to be the agricultural start of a new year. It is commended as the festival of cheer and merriment.
  1. Bihar – Bihar praises a celebration in Vaishakhato pay tribute to the Sun God, at a place called Surajpur-Baragaon. It is basically a town where, as indicated by an antiquated practice, individuals cleanse themselves in the temple bath tank and offer reference to Sun God with blossoms and water from the Ganga.
  1. West Bengal – In West Bengal, people call it NabaBarsha. It is the festival of Bengali New Year. On this day, individuals bathe in the Ganga and embellish their homes with rangoli the entryway of their home.
  1. Kerala and Tamil Nadu – Kerala celebrates this day as Vishu, the New Year. The New Year in Kerala is prominent for a trading of blessings and for charity giving. Tamil Nadu calls this day by the name of Puthandu. It is the New Year of Tamiliansin which parades are carried out with lavishly adorned elephants dancing to the festive beats of drums.
  1. Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh – Apart from this, in Kashmir, a ritualistic shower and general celebration are carried on Baisakhi. In Himachal Pradesh, devotees gather at the Jwalamukhi temple for a heavenly plunge in the warm springs.

How is Baisakhi Celebrated in Punjab?

Baisakhi is praised with extraordinary pageantry and show in Punjab. Punjabis, by nature, are cheerful making individuals who love to dance and make any event super joyful. The celebration gives them an extraordinary shot for festivity. A noteworthy fascination of the celebration is the gidda and bhangra performed by females and males separately. Artists perform to the quick beat of drums, indorsing the normal scene of sowing, collecting, winnowing and assembling of yields. Applauses of “JattaaaiBaisakhi” fill the sky of Punjab. On this day, individuals educate their youngsters with the demonstrations of charity detailing them its importance and request that they keep doing charity until the end of time. They dress brilliantly in the traditional attire, with men wearing kurta-pyjama and pagri, while the ladies are clad in alluring salwar kameez and beautiful jewelry to welcome this festival.

As is normal with some other Indian celebration, the house and surroundings are cleaned on the day prior to Baisakhi. The celebration gives an occasion to companions and relatives to meet and greet each other. Heavenly Punjabi dishes, both vegan and non-vegetarian ones are made and everybody feasts on them together. Desserts (mithai) and lassi (the traditional Punjabi name for a drink made up of curd beaten with water and sugar) are the primary treats of the day. Many fairs are additionally held amid Baisakhi, which welcome a considerable number of voyagers. There is a wide show of traditional stuff for home and personal use in the fairs. Likewise, there are a number of food stalls in the fair offering mouth-watering treats like chaat, sugar candies and other yummy dishes. Baisakhi carries with it the note of satisfaction and bliss. It fills in as a festival of unity, binding the general population of the Punjab regardless of their status, creed, faith, caste or gender. It is, in reality, the indication of genuine Punjabi soul.