Offbeat Places in Kazan


Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. While the city is famous for its prominent attractions like the Kazan Kremlin and Kul Sharif Mosque, there are numerous offbeat gems waiting to be discovered. These lesser-known spots provide a glimpse into the soul of Kazan, offering a more authentic and unconventional travel experience. Let’s venture off the beaten path to uncover the hidden treasures that make Kazan truly special.

A Glimpse into Kazan’s Hidden History

House of Zinaida Ushkova

Step back in time and explore the preserved home of Zinaida Ushkova, a prominent 19th-century philanthropist. The house provides a glimpse into the daily life and philanthropic work of a remarkable Kazan resident.

Bauman Street Old Buildings

Stroll along Bauman Street to discover the charming old buildings that have stood the test of time. Each structure tells a story of the city’s past, reflecting a blend of architectural styles and a unique sense of character.

Art and Culture Beyond the Mainstream

Ermitazh Gallery

Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in contemporary art at the Ermitazh Gallery. This lesser-known art hub features exhibitions by local and international artists, providing an alternative art experience.

Tugun Asylum Creative Space

Experience the soul of Tatar culture at Tugun Asylum, an open-air museum showcasing traditional Tatar architecture, crafts, and performances. Engage with artisans and learn about their time-honored craft traditions.

Culinary Adventures Off the Beaten Path

Chak-Chak Museum and Workshop

Delight your taste buds and learn the art of making chak-chak, a traditional Tatar sweet. The Chak-Chak Museum offers interactive workshops where you can create and savor this delectable treat.

Katyk Restaurant

Indulge in Tatar cuisine at Katyk, a hidden gem known for its authentic dishes and cozy ambiance. Try traditional favorites like manti and uchpochmack for an unforgettable dining experience.

Nature Retreats and Tranquil Escapes

Black Lake (Chernoe Ozero)

Escape the city buzz and enjoy a serene day at Black Lake, where you can relax, picnic, or rent a paddleboat. Surrounded by nature, this tranquil spot is perfect for unwinding and connecting with the outdoors.

TatNeft Arena Ice Skating Rink

Experience the joy of ice skating at TatNeft Arena, an indoor rink that offers a fun-filled day for both locals and visitors. Glide across the ice in a lively and less touristy atmosphere.

Hidden Souvenirs and Local Delights

Gumarov Souvenir Shop

Discover unique souvenirs at Gumarov, a family-owned shop known for its carefully curated selection of traditional Tatar crafts, souvenirs, and gifts.

Kazan Baursak Bakery

Visit a local baursak bakery to taste and purchase freshly baked baursak, a traditional Tatar fried bread. Take home a piece of Kazan’s culinary heritage.

Kazan’s offbeat treasures offer a deeper understanding of its culture, history, and culinary delights. By exploring these hidden gems, you’ll forge a more intimate connection with this vibrant city, leaving you with cherished memories and a broader perspective on Kazan’s rich tapestry. So, go ahead and venture off the tourist trail to discover the heart and soul of Kazan.

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