International Trips

The earth is huge and you want to explore the coral reefs of Australia, the African grasslands or the towering Himalayas. Or even something beyond and more. You want to see that the world is not flat and explore it first-hand. Then you must rely on precise information and listen from people who have traveled those destinations. You need to pick the best travel deals at the lowest price from a reliable travel service vendor.

Unfold the inside information about some of the most visited, or about the lesser known global destinations. put forth this extensive database of places and passion and offers swashbuckling deals you cannot refuse. There are things that make you wonder or geography that leaves you awestruck. We bring all the relevant information to your monitor screen, all few clicks away.

At International Trips section, the information is categorically divided continent-wise for a soothing browsing experience.

AFRICA: This vast continent from north to south is pure mysticism. The region is still ruled by tribal population, where humans co-exist with wilderness. The vast grasslands of Kenya and Mozambique and the ancient history make Africa a must visit the place. South Africa, Egypt, Mauritius, Kenya – it’s all Africa to be explored.

ASIA: The largest continent on planet nurture many different culture and civilizations. Buddhism, Hinduism has roots here. Himalayas, Yoga, vast oceans, religion – this diversity makes the Asian continent a unique place to travel and explore. The natural beauty of Asia is next to none.

CARRIBEAN ISLANDS: The Islands are swaying with white sandy beaches, reggae, and rum. The natives love to party and traveler’s party with them. The island is teeming with resorts & motel and there is something for everyone there. Surfing, scuba, sailing and sun – it all makes the Caribbean a heavenly paradise.

AMERICA: America from North to South and East to West offers something for everyone. Frigid Alaska, the pulsating Florida (with its swamp land), the Amazon rainforest, Rockies…the list goes on.

EUROPE: Experience the old world charm of Europe with modernity in tandem here. Europe is culturally strong and people very down-to-earth. The destinations of Europe are extremely beautiful. Paris is the city of love, Venice the city on water, London the modernity. They all fit in beautifully in a travelers’ to-do list.

AUSTRALIA: When the whole world is reeling with winters Australia offers warmth. And vice-versa. The land of Kangaroos, Wallaby, and Cricket is home to the longest Coral reef stretch in the world. Tasmania and Western Australian provinces are hugely popular with tourists.

ANTARCTICA: The place is a synonym of the frozen world, and where Polar Bears and Elephant Seals roam freely. Antarctica is an explorers’ dream destination. It has drawn scientists and explorers for a long time, and yet there are untouched places in Antarctica that remain to unveil its mystic landscapes.