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Shimla is a famous tourist spot in northern India that welcomes thousands of national and international travelers every year. This city is known for its cool weather, natural beauty, and historical places of interest. British India named this town as a “Summer Capital” of India because of its natural and eye-catching landscape.

Shimla is a capital city of Himachal Pradesh that falls in South-west Himalayan range at an altitude of 2,206 meters above sea level. It is a destination of numerous mountain peaks, waterfalls and historic places including Rashtrapati Niwas, Jakhu Temple amongst others.

There are various landmarks to be explored in and around Shimla. The more you visit, the more you explore. Shimla is blessed with historical places, mountainous scenery, pristine waterfalls, esteemed educational institutes and some other eye-catching spots in the vicinity.

We have listed below the best tourist’s spots of Shimla: –

Summer Hills

Summer Hills has situated just five km away from Shimla Ridge. You must plan to visit this place during sunrise and capture some breathtaking moments from the hilltop. Summer Hills gives a sense of peace and tranquility. So if you are peace lover you must plan to visit Summer Hills.

Jakhoo Hills

Jakhoo Hill stands 8000 feet tall and is popularly believed to be the highest mountain peak of Shimla region. It is a popular tourist hotspot around Shimla because the sacred Jakhoo temple is situated there. A 108 feet tall Lord Hanuman statue draws the attention of the tourists and pilgrims who throngs here in numbers.

The Chadwick Falls

The beautiful Chadwick falls is the melting point for photographers and nature lovers. One can find peace and serenity around here. At the Chadwick falls itself the water is falling from a great height, leaving your mesmerized. The entire forest is buzzing with birds and wildlife, with Pine and lush Cedar trees making a perfect setup for exploring and noticing nature.

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS)

The Shimla town was promoted by British settlers who were amazed by the scenic beauty surrounding this region. Their legacy of the educational system is still visible in institutes and schools in Shimla. The British established Indian Institute of Advanced Studies in Shimla during 1880’s. The Institute is still one of the best institutes in India for advanced studies. Today it’s a museum itself. The building is known for its impressive British architecture and proficient fireproofing system.


In older days Annandale hosted numerous adventure sports during British raj. Today, the place has been converted into a mini golf course. So, if you love swinging clubs then it is one the places to enjoy playing your sports while immersing in the bountiful of nature that surrounds Annandale.

The Scandal Point

If you love photography and daydream of fabulous peaks of Himalayas then The Scandal Point is perfect for you. It is situated where the Mall road joins the Ridge road. You can Capture snow capped mountains in cameras from this place. Even spending quality time with your loved ones will be fulfilling and bonding. It is advised to visit Scandal Point in Shimla either early morning and during Dusk. If you love book reading then visit Tudor Library to read some rare books.

The Shimla State Museum

When in Shimla you can check out the Shimla State Museum, especially if you like to explore historical things. The Shimla State Museum houses British master architecture with sprawling lawns in its premises. You will be truly awestruck with some rare and beautiful artifacts, paintings, statues, and ancient handicrafts on display.


Kufri is synonymous with Shimla. When you are there in winters, a Shimla visit is incomplete without participating in the winter sports like Skiing in Kufri. At 2600 meters above sea level, Kufri is ideally suited to host winter sports activities in the shiny sun. Kufri is highly recommended by our travel experts.

Adventure Activities

There is a host of adventure sports activities that you can pursue in and around Shimla. Owing to its altitude and geography Shimla experience heavy snowfall in winters. And this in itself draws tourists towards it. Thousands of travelers visit this Shimla to enjoy adventure sports like Ice skating, Heli Skiing, Skiing, and other winter sports. While going to Shimla in summers one can indulge in sports like Golf and adventure sports like Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Para Gliding and River Rafting and even more.


While Shimla is popular as a romantic destination as well winter hub, it has its other attractions too. There are some famous temples and shrines that you must visit during Shimla visit.

Famous temples like Jakhoo (Hanuman) temple, Tara Devi temple, Mata Hatkothi temple and Banthia Devta temple are recommended by travel experts. Other famous ones include Kamna Devi temple, Laxmi Narayan temple, and Mangleshwar Maharaj temple, etc.

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