Offbeat Places in Prince Albert


Prince Albert, nestled in the heart of Saskatchewan, offers more than meets the eye when it comes to tourism. While the city boasts its well-known attractions, there’s a treasure trove of offbeat, quirky places waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous and curious traveler. Embark on a unique journey through the unconventional side of Prince Albert, where you’ll encounter intriguing historical oddities, artistic havens, hidden natural gems, unconventional culinary delights, and adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Historical Oddities

The Haunted Forest

If you’re a fan of the eerie and mysterious, the Haunted Forest is a must-visit. Nestled in the outskirts of Prince Albert, this dense forest has earned a reputation for being a spooky destination, shrouded in local folklore and ghostly tales. As you wander through the twisted trees and listen to the rustling leaves, you might just feel a chill down your spine.

The Diefenbaker House

For history buffs seeking an offbeat historical experience, the Diefenbaker House is an intriguing stop. The former residence of John Diefenbaker, Canada’s 13th Prime Minister, boasts a unique blend of history and oddities. The house showcases an unusual assortment of artifacts and personal belongings, giving visitors an intimate glimpse into the life of this prominent Canadian figure.

Art and Culture

Little Red Hen Art Gallery

Step into the Little Red Hen Art Gallery to immerse yourself in an offbeat art world. This gallery is a haven for unconventional and avant-garde art enthusiasts, featuring a wide array of offbeat art pieces that challenge traditional norms. From abstract sculptures to avant-garde paintings, this gallery is a hub of creativity and quirkiness.

Olive Tree Market

The Olive Tree Market is a delightful blend of art, culture, and eccentricity. This vibrant market showcases a medley of unconventional art, craft, and unique finds from local artisans. Wander through the colorful stalls, soak in the artistic atmosphere, and discover one-of-a-kind treasures you won’t find anywhere else.

Natural Wonders

The Kinsmen Water Park

Escape the ordinary at the Kinsmen Water Park, where the unusual becomes the norm. This water park boasts a quirky layout and water features that defy expectations, making it a great destination for those seeking an out-of-the-ordinary aquatic adventure.

Boreal Forest Hiking Trails

Delve into the beauty of nature with a hike through the lesser-known trails in Prince Albert’s boreal forest. These trails offer an offbeat and serene hiking experience, away from the more frequented paths. Discover hidden waterfalls, breathtaking vistas, and a sense of tranquility that can only be found off the beaten track.

Culinary Delights

The Mushroom Culinary Experience

Indulge your taste buds in an offbeat culinary adventure at the Mushroom Culinary Experience. This eatery takes mushrooms to a whole new level, crafting dishes that celebrate this unique ingredient. From mushroom-infused pastas to delightful mushroom desserts, prepare for a taste journey like no other.

The Honey Themed Café

For a sweet twist on the culinary scene, visit the Honey Themed Café. Immerse yourself in a world where honey takes center stage, infusing every dish and drink with its natural sweetness. From honey-infused coffees to delectable honey-themed pastries, this café offers a truly unique and delightful dining experience.

Adventure and Thrills

Riverbank Paintball

Get your adrenaline pumping at Riverbank Paintball, an offbeat adventure for thrill-seekers. Engage in a friendly battle of paintball amidst the natural terrain, adding an element of excitement and adventure to your visit to Prince Albert.

Skydiving Adventures

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, take to the skies with a skydiving adventure. Experience the breathtaking views of Prince Albert from above as you free-fall through the air, an adventure that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

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