Offbeat Places in Moose Jaw


When you think of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, you might envision vast prairies and traditional Canadian landscapes. While that’s certainly a part of this charming city’s appeal, there’s a side to Moose Jaw that’s a bit more offbeat and unexpected. From mysterious tunnels to giant moose, here are some unique and offbeat places you should explore on your visit to Moose Jaw.

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw: Unearth the Secrets

Beneath the picturesque streets of Moose Jaw lies a hidden world that few are aware of – the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. These tunnels have a fascinating history, originally built for various purposes, including as a network for Chinese immigrants during the early 20th century. Take a guided tour and immerse yourself in tales of bootlegging during Prohibition and the hardships faced by early Chinese immigrants. The interactive and theatrical tours make for an unforgettable experience.

Yvette Moore Gallery: Where Art Meets Eccentricity

For an artistic twist on your visit, don’t miss the Yvette Moore Gallery. It’s no ordinary art gallery; it’s a haven of eccentricity. Here, you’ll find whimsical sculptures, eclectic paintings, and unique pieces of art that defy convention. Yvette Moore’s art challenges your perception and invites you to explore the unconventional side of creativity.

Mac the Moose: A Roadside Marvel

If you’re driving into Moose Jaw, you won’t be able to miss Mac the Moose, the city’s quirky claim to fame. Standing at a staggering 32 feet tall, Mac is the world’s largest moose statue. He’s a beloved icon in Moose Jaw and a perfect photo opportunity. Mac has undergone some changes over the years, but he’s still as endearing as ever. Be sure to pay him a visit and say hello.

Sun Temple: A Spiritual Retreat

Moose Jaw’s Sun Temple is a hidden gem that offers a unique blend of spirituality and art. This mystical space was constructed by local artist David Ash and is a serene retreat where you can connect with nature and your inner self. The temple’s circular design and intricate sculptures create a serene atmosphere, making it a perfect place for quiet contemplation.

Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum: A Blast from the Past

For history buffs and fans of all things vintage, the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum is a must-visit. This open-air museum is home to an eclectic collection of historic buildings, antique vehicles, and artifacts that transport you back in time. Wander through old homesteads, admire classic cars, and gain a deeper understanding of the pioneering spirit that built this region.

The Al Capone Connection: Gangster History in Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw has an unexpected connection to the notorious gangster Al Capone. During Prohibition in the United States, Capone frequented the city to avoid the law. Today, you can explore places like the “Tunnels of Moose Jaw” that were once used by Capone as secret hideouts. The stories and legends of his time here add a layer of intrigue to Moose Jaw’s history.

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