Offbeat places in Kurseong


Kurseong, nestled in the enchanting hills of West Bengal, is a charming destination that often escapes the spotlight in favor of its more famous neighbor, Darjeeling. However, if you’re a traveler seeking unique and offbeat experiences, Kurseong has a lot to offer. This quaint town is dotted with hidden treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Here’s a glimpse into some of the offbeat places and experiences you can explore in Kurseong:

Historical Perspective

Kurseong’s Rich History: 

Start your journey by delving into the town’s history. Kurseong played a significant role during the colonial era, and remnants of that era can be seen in the architecture and infrastructure.

Natural Beauty

Scenic Landscapes: 

Kurseong boasts of stunning landscapes, from lush tea gardens like Ambootia and Makaibari to serene pine forests and hidden waterfalls.

Birdwatching Spots: 

Bird enthusiasts can explore unique spots like Giddapahar and Eagle’s Crag for a chance to spot a variety of avian species.

Lesser-known Trekking Trails: 

Embark on lesser-known trekking routes such as the one to Balasun River for a more peaceful and intimate connection with nature.

Cultural Experiences

Interaction with Local Communities: 

Engage with the warm and hospitable locals to learn about their way of life and cultural traditions.

Traditional Markets: 

Visit local markets like Kurseong Haat and buy handicrafts, fresh produce, and traditional snacks.

Exploring Local Cuisine: 

Savor the flavors of Kurseong with traditional dishes like momo, thukpa, and mouthwatering tea-infused delicacies.

Hidden Gems

Tinchuley Village: 

Escape the crowds and visit Tinchuley, a pristine village offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas and a chance to participate in community-based tourism.

Chimney Village:

Explore the rustic charm of Chimney Village, known for its quaint homestays and tea gardens.


Discover the tranquility of Bungkulung with its lush forests and the nearby Bungkulung Monastery.

Adventure Activities


Soar high above the hills with paragliding experiences available in Kurseong.

Mountain Biking Trails: 

Take on offbeat mountain biking trails that offer a thrilling way to explore the region.

Offbeat Camping Locations:

Camp in the lap of nature at lesser-known campsites like Dilaram and Deer Park.

Offbeat Accommodation

Boutique Homestays: 

Opt for boutique homestays that provide a cozy and authentic experience.

Eco-friendly Lodges:

Stay in eco-friendly lodges surrounded by pristine forests.

Unique Treehouse or Cottage Stays: 

Experience the magic of staying in a treehouse or charming cottage in the hills.

Sustainable Tourism Initiatives

Local Conservation Efforts: 

Learn about and support local conservation initiatives aimed at preserving the natural beauty of Kurseong.

Community-based Tourism: 

Contribute to the local economy and community by participating in responsible tourism activities.

Responsible Travel Tips: 

Be mindful of the environment and local customs, leaving a positive impact on the region.

Kurseong, with its offbeat charm, offers travelers a chance to connect with nature, culture, and the local community in a way that goes beyond the ordinary tourist experience. So, pack your bags, venture off the beaten path, and uncover the hidden treasures that Kurseong has to offer.

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