Offbeat Places in Greifswald


Nestled along the picturesque Baltic Sea coastline, Greifswald is a city that often remains undiscovered by many travelers. Beyond its well-known attractions, this guide will unveil the city’s best-kept secrets – the offbeat places that make Greifswald a unique and memorable destination.

Historical Gems

Greifswald City Walls: Where History Comes Alive

Greifswald’s city walls are a piece of living history, often overshadowed by more famous counterparts in other cities. These centuries-old fortifications are a window into the past and offer a unique perspective on the city’s history.

Pomeranian State Museum: Hidden Treasures

While the Pomeranian State Museum is well-known, many visitors overlook its lesser-known artifacts and hidden exhibitions. Dive deeper into the local history and culture, as you uncover the museum’s well-kept secrets.

Natural Wonders

Eldena Ruins: Nature and History Converge

The Eldena Ruins are more than just a historical site. They are surrounded by hidden nature trails that offer an escape into Greifswald’s natural beauty, providing a serene and offbeat experience.

Ryck River: Scenic Serenity

Explore the banks of the Ryck River to discover picturesque spots and waterfront parks that are often missed by tourists. This lesser-known part of the city showcases Greifswald’s more tranquil side.

Culinary Adventures

Local Eateries: Unique Gastronomic Delights

Experience the local culture through your taste buds. Discover unique local dishes and explore quaint, lesser-known restaurants that offer a culinary adventure off the beaten path.

Farmers’ Markets: Unearth Local Flavors

The farmers’ markets of Greifswald hold more than just produce. Find unusual items and immerse yourself in the vibrant market day experiences, which offer a slice of local life.

Hidden Cultural Gems

Chapels and Churches: Art and Architecture Unveiled

Explore lesser-visited places of worship that are adorned with remarkable art and architecture. These hidden gems tell fascinating stories of faith and creativity.

Street Art and Murals: The Underground Scene

Venture into the underground art scene of Greifswald, where street art and murals can be found in unexpected locations. Uncover the city’s creative spirit in these hidden corners.

Offbeat Activities

Guided Walking Tours: Unconventional Exploration

Participate in guided walking tours with unique themes and local guides. Discover hidden historical sites and experience Greifswald’s rich heritage from a different perspective.

Water Sports: Dive into the Blue

Engage in lesser-explored water-based activities, whether it’s kayaking along the Ryck River or taking advantage of local rental services to enjoy aquatic adventures off the tourist radar.

Accommodation Options

Boutique Hotels: Charming Retreats

Greifswald boasts charming boutique hotels that offer a personalized experience, often overlooked by those who opt for larger accommodations. Discover the city’s warm hospitality at these hidden gems.

Guesthouses and B&Bs: Cozy and Unique Stays

For a cozier and more personalized stay, consider the city’s guesthouses and bed-and-breakfasts. These hidden gems offer a local touch and warm hospitality.

Practical Information

How to Get to Greifswald: Transportation Tips

Learn about the transportation options available to reach Greifswald and pick up some useful travel tips for a smooth journey to this hidden gem on the Baltic coast.

Best Times to Visit: Seasonal Considerations

Find out when the best times to visit Greifswald are, considering seasonal factors and special events or festivals that can enhance your experience in the city.

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