Offbeat places in Coorg


Hidden Waterfalls

Coorg is renowned for its lush greenery and pristine landscapes, and hidden waterfalls add to its charm. Two notable ones are:

Abbey Falls 

Tucked away in the Western Ghats, Abbey Falls is a picturesque cascade located near Madikeri. Accessible via a short trek, the falls are surrounded by dense coffee plantations and offer a tranquil escape.

Chelavara Falls 

This lesser-known gem is a bit off the beaten path, making it perfect for those seeking solitude. Located near Cheyandane village, Chelavara Falls is surrounded by lush forests and offers a mesmerising view of the Western Ghats.

Lesser-known Temples

Coorg has a rich cultural heritage, and some temples off the tourist radar are worth exploring:

Igguthappa Temple: 

Nestled in Kakkabe, this ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Igguthappa and is an important religious site for the Kodava community. The tranquil atmosphere and traditional architecture make it a unique experience.

Mallalli Falls Temple: 

Located near the stunning Mallalli Falls, this temple offers a peaceful retreat amidst nature’s beauty. It’s a great place to soak in the serene ambiance while enjoying the lush surroundings.

Coffee Plantation Homestays

Coorg is synonymous with coffee, and staying at a coffee plantation homestay provides an authentic experience:

Immerse yourself in Coorg’s coffee culture by staying at one of the many homestays nestled within coffee estates. You can learn about coffee cultivation, witness the processing of coffee beans, and savor freshly brewed coffee in the midst of nature.

Iruppu Falls and Brahmagiri Peak

Iruppu Falls: 

Iruppu Falls is not just a scenic wonder but also holds religious significance. Located in the Brahmagiri Range, a short trek leads to this cascading beauty. It’s a serene place to spend time in reflection.

Brahmagiri Peak: 

For adventure enthusiasts, a trek to Brahmagiri Peak is a must. The trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. At the summit, you can enjoy panoramic vistas that make the trek truly rewarding.


Mandalpatti is a hidden gem known for its stunning viewpoints:

A jeep ride takes you to Mandalpatti, which is situated at a considerable altitude. The journey is an adventure in itself, and once you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with captivating views of Coorg’s landscapes. Mandalpatti is an ideal spot for both sunrise and sunset photography.

Dubare Elephant Camp

For a unique wildlife experience:

The Dubare Elephant Camp offers an opportunity to interact with these majestic creatures. You can bathe, feed, and even go on elephant rides. The camp also focuses on wildlife conservation and educates visitors about the importance of elephant conservation efforts.

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