Malana Chanderkhani Pass


The trek to the village of Malana is an entry to the secret world of that civilization. The Malana Chanderkhani Pass trek is an easy to moderate trek in Himachal Pradesh, with the altitude of above 3500 m at the pass. The trek also gives you an unparallel view of high Himalayan peaks of Pir Panjal range, including the famous dome of Deo Tibba peak.

One of the important thing during the trek is your visit and the stay at Malana village. The village has been known for its mysterious culture and their reserved status. One should not do anything that may hurt the sentiments of local people. Maintaining decorum is the way to go. The remoteness of the region is something that will definitely arouse your curiosity. For an easy, to moderate category, the Manila Chanderkhani pass is one of the best in India.


  • Difficulty: MODERATE
  • Trek Distance: 35-40 km
  • Trek Duration: 06-07 Days
  • Location: Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Best Time: May-June and September-November. 
  • Nearest international airport: New Delhi, India
  • Nearest domestic airport: Kullu Manali, India

Things to Carry for Malana Chanderkhani Pass Trek

  • Footwear: Trekking Boots (snow and water proof), normal walking boots, and floaters. Few pairs of warm/woolen socks.
  • Luggage: Backpack (45-50 liters), Daypack (20-30 ltr), Duffel bag.
  • Clothes: Waterproof breathable jacket & pants, Jacket (synthetic or fleece of down feather), insulated pants (Synthetic), Poncho, Sweatshirt, inner thermal (upper & lower), fleece, t-shirts, cotton trekking pants, shorts.
    * clothing as per the season
  • Gear for Hand & Head: Liner glove, Bandanna, Sun hat, Woolen caps, Face mask etc.
  • Accessories: Sunglasses/Goggles, anti-glare glasses, water bottle, hydra pack, Headlamp with spare bulb and extra batteries.
  • Trekking Gears: Emergency tool kit.
  • Protection and First-Aid: Sunscreen, toiletry kit, water purification tablets, Zip-lock bags, ear plugs, first-aid and all essential medicines.
  • Camping Equipment: Sleeping bags (extreme -5to +5 Celsius) with liner, trekking poles, etc.

A Typical Malana Chanderkhani Passs Trek

A trek is performed as a team and not individually. One need to be willing to work hard for your co-trekker and give support as and when needed. Carrying things like first aid and extra protection gear can come very handy during Manala Chanderkhani pass trek. One has to sleep in tents at night with a rolling mat and sleeping bag. If you have joined a group then be ready to share your tent with someone. A team of guide, cooks, helpers and porters or ponies will accompany you through the Manala Chanderkhani pass trek.

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