Kanchenjunga trek

Kanchenjunga Trek


There are a numerous trekking destinations across the globe but trekking in one of the highest peak of the Great Himalayas can be one whole of an experience. One such platform to the trek in the Himalayas or the Kanchenjunga mountains is the Kanchenjunga base camp. Kanchenjunga trek is one of the most thrilling treks in the world. The route for the mountaineers to this beautiful range of mountains from India covers the area of the border between the state of Sikkim and Nepal. The trek route to the Kanchenjunga base camp has been a phenomenal experience for a massive number of trekkers and mountaineers worldwide. The Kanchenjunga trek is best to be done in the summers as in the monsoon the roads get slippery yet risky to travel while in the snow it is very difficult because of the heavy snowfall in the area.

So, what does a trek like Kanchenjunga base camp offers? The breath of fresh air, the drops of mountain water, the land of snow caped heights, the place of charismatic natural beauty. The Himalayan range of mountains has always been an attraction for a lot of trekkers and mountaineers worldwide. With worlds highest mountain peaks it covers a wide area of 2,400 kilometers which runs across the boundaries of five countries including India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and Pakistan.

About Kanchenjunga Peak and Trek

The Kanchenjunga range of Himalayas has one of the highest peaks of the Himalayan belt. It covers an area of three countries Tibet, Nepal, and India (Sikkim). Famous for its beautiful tea gardens and the natural beauty which attracts a lot of tourists in this North Eastern state of India, the Kanchenjunga is one of the most loved destinations for trekkers and mountaineers.

The Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world, the second highest mountain in Nepal and the highest mountain in India with an elevation of 8,586m. The rich flora and fauna and the snow caped mountains provide the view of nature at its best.


  • Difficulty: CHALLENGING
  • Distance: 80 km
  • Max Altitude: 5200 m
  • Trek Duration: 11/12 Days
  • Location: Sikkim, India
  • Best Time: May until June and mid-September till November. 
  • Nearest international airport: Kolkata, India
  • Nearest domestic airport: Bagdogra, India

Essential Equipment for Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:

  • Footwear: Trekking Boots (snow and water proof), normal walking boots, and floaters. Few pairs of warm/woolen socks.
  • Luggage: Backpack (60 liters), Daypack (20-30 ltr), Duffel bag.
  • Clothes: Waterproof breathable jacket & pants, Jacket (synthetic or fleece of down feather), insulated pants (Synthetic), Poncho, Sweatshirt, inner thermal (upper & lower), fleece, t-shirts, cotton trekking pants, shorts.
    * clothing as per the season
  • Gear for Hand & Head: Liner glove, Bandanna, Sun hat, Woolen caps, Face mask etc.
  • Accessories: Sunglasses/Goggles, anti-glare glasses, water bottle, hydra pack, Headlamp with spare bulb and extra batteries.
  • Trekking Gears: Emergency tool kit.
  • Protection and First-Aid: Sunscreen, toiletry kit, water purification tablets, Zip-lock bags, ear plugs, first-aid and all essential medicines.
  • Camping Equipment: Sleeping bags (extreme -5 to +5 Celsius) with liner, trekking poles, etc.

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