Caribbean Islands Jamaica
Caribbean Islands Jamaica
Caribbean Islands Jamaica
Caribbean Islands Jamaica
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Jamaica is home to Bob Marley and indeed reggae is flowing in every street and corner of Jamaica. Although, rum and reggae are not the only things to do in Jamaica. The lush green landscapes of Jamaica teeming with rainforest, coral reef, and bird life can work magically for a tired traveler. It is known for its wonderful snorkeling and diving spots around its islands.
When you visit Jamaica there is as much you can with limited time span you will have. But, take a look at the prominent Jamaica destinations described below and you can accordingly plan your holiday trip to Jamaica. With our help, you can design a bespoke Jamaica holiday plan without having to go through a travel agency with packaged tour.

Take a look the best destination and things to do in jamaica.

Visit Negril

Negril offers a 10-km or approximately seven-mile-long beach front boasting some very elegant resorts and clubs. Negril has a 400-year Lighthouse that you must have look. But basically in Negril you just unwind and swing to the beats of reggae. The beachfront resorts would give a tranquil effect during nights with music and wine.

Kingston Visit

The capital of Jamaica is Kingston and it is thronged by tourists of a certain kind. Kingston is the home of Bob Marley and his ardent follower’s flocks to this town, pay homage to the legend, visit the Bob Marley museum and smoke some magic herbs in the name of their master. There is also an ever-growing community of divers in Jamaica because the region offers some excellent diving spots to witness coral reef life.

Famous Beaches

There are some prominent beaches that you can handpick and visit while in Jamaica. The Montego Bay is most popular here as it promises a thrilling nightlife on the Hip Street with galore of shopping and fun. Ocho Rios beachfront is popular for travelers looking for all-inclusive resorts thus gaining popularity over last few years. The Runaway Bay is known for snorkeling and also its Golf culture. And if you seek some lonely times on waterfront then Treasure Beach would fit your idea. Same can be said about Bluefields beachfront.

Walking Streets

For shopping and nightlife one can vanish into many of the Jamaican party and shopping streets. At Falmouth, one can enjoy some unique shopping of crafts and artifacts besides enjoying the water sports all around. Mandeville is the real name in Jamaica if it comes to upscale shopping and fashion with a supreme nightlife to go along. Around the Clarendon Parish, one can also find shops and souvenir stores, which at night turns into a party frenzy.

Suggestions for Jamaica Visit

When in Jamaica make sure that you stay safe. If you can keep your mind alert and not drink too much you should be safe. But odd incidents of mugging and club brawls can be heard and one should make all efforts to stay away from them. The best time to visit Jamaica would be December onward up till the mid of March. This is the time when most carnivals happen.


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