Deception Island
Deception Island
Deception Island
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Deception Island

Deception Island


The Deception Island in Antarctica is a horseshoe-shaped island on the southern side of the continent. It is mostly an uninhabited island with traces of industrial leftover, especially those of whale catching boats. Deception Island was the prime whaling territory for Chilean-Norwegian fisherman. Now the region is abandoned and reminds of industrial atrocities of mankind.

Deception Island still serves as a scientific outpost to Spain government. It has an active volcano that can erupt anytime. This volcanic activity in the region makes it a hot spot for nature seekers as a well as the scientist. Around the region are hot springs where a healing bath amidst snow clad peaks gives you a sedating effect.

The best things to do at Deception Island can be quickly summarized through this article.

Active Volcano in Deception Island

This is a single most factor that draws visitors to Deception Islands. The volcano had last erupted in 1970’s, but it always gives glimpses on eruption on a regular basis. There is another attraction of hot water springs in Deception Island that people would love to dig in and enjoy. However, such activities are known to be banned because of several reasons cited in Antarctic Treaty System.

The volcanic eruption of 1970 was the main reason why the islanders deserted this place after it had damaged most the things in the region, including machinery, communication, and transport system.

Tour of Industrial Remains

The industrial remains at Deception Islands are mainly from those 50 odd companies who were into whale catching and seal hunting. Once you step on the Deception Island you will be surprised to see how much activity was happening here in this now abandoned the island. You will find abandoned building, wrecked ships and airplanes and unused pipelines all across the island. The scatters of whale and marine life shells can often seem eerie. What adds to the eeriness is the ruins of this once industrially active region.

Penguin Watching at Deception Island

Although the colony of Penguins has depleted dramatically in the last century, it is only now that some penguins have returned to the island. Nevertheless, Antarctica is the home to Penguins and Deception Island would provide you every opportunity to have them sighted.

Best Time to Visit Deception Island

Starting December till May/June is the best time of the year to visit Deception Islands. The summer time of the region is actually the only accessible time for tourists. For most of the year, the region is very hard to access. One can find flights to Antarctica and then boat cruise to Deception Island.


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