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Cuisines Destination Guide and Tips in India

India is not all about Dal Chawal and Roti Sabji. As you go places you will find that each state of the country offers something unique in taste, blend, and color. HelpTravelerOnline takes a journey into the soul of India, the food that you would love to savor. Plan a cuisine tour of India with us and rest assured, we won’t let you down.

Tour of Jammu & Kashmir

Try out the traditional Kashmiri Thali of 36 dishes or find comfort in the authentic taste of Kashmir cuisine when you try the wazwan seekh kababs.

Tour of Uttrakhand

The nourishing Jhangore ke Kheer, the famous red rice and the Rajma (Kidney Beans) are famous cuisines of Uttarakhand. The finger millet bread is something you should try once in life.

Tour of Uttar Pradesh

While Uttar Pradesh is a large state the cuisines vary greatly from place to place. In your Uttar Pradesh cuisine tour, you get nawabi influence in Mughlai food. One prominent dish of UP is Gud Chawal ki Kheer also called Bakheer.

Tour of Jharkhand

Malpua is a must if you are doing a Jharkhand cuisine tour. Rugra is also recommended in Jharkhand. Otherwise, the Jharkhand cuisine is very much like staple Indian diet.

Tour of Sikkim

Traditionally rice eaters, Sikkim offers mouth-watering cuisines for your taste buds. Momo or Dumplings are highly common in Sikkim.

Tour of Assam

Ukhua and Aaroi are the prime ways of rice consumption in Assam. Aloo Pitika is commonly served in Assam with the main dish. Non-vegetarian cuisines are also quite yummy in Assam.

Tour of Bihar

The traditional cuisine of Bihar is Kadhi Bariwhere dumplings of Besan (gram flour) are cooked as a spicy gravy of yogurt and Besan.Khichdi– made of Rice, Dal and Vegetables, all cooked together – is a popular dish of Bihar.Tour of West Bengal

Two famous dishes come to mind when in Bengal. The famed Macher Kalia with potatoes done with mustard oil is something to relish for a long time. Hilsa Patra ni Machi is another curry dish that goes well with rice.

Tour of Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a blend of French, India and south Indian cuisines. There is no one famous dish here. With galore of restaurants, you will find something or other that suits your taste.

Tour of Orissa

A number of rice-based dishes are famous cuisines of Orissa. Palau is made from vegetables added to rice, while Khichdi is made from adding lentils to rice. You must try Kanika in Orissa, a sweet rice dish made with adding raisins and nuts.

Tour of Kerala

When in Kerala try out some exclusively localized cuisines like Puttu. Cassava is staple dish of Kerala, usually combined with Rice. The seafood of Kerala is very exclusive too.

Tour of Karnataka

Karnataka offers some delicious cuisines. For non-vegetarians, the Pandi curry or pork curry, as well as Koli saaru or chicken curry, would be a really awesome experience. These can be served with Kadambuttu or steamed rice dumplings, or the Paputtu or steamed rice cake.

Tour of Goa

In Goa, you must look out for Ambot Tik – which is a spicy curry done with fish. The Canja de Galinha is an original Goan cuisine of rice and chicken.

Tour of Maharashtra

Make sure to plan a cuisine tour of Maharashtra. The most famous are Vada Pav – where a patty of potato is a deep friend and served with bread. Bhakri is served across the length and breadth of Maharashtra.

Tour of Madhya Pradesh

Poha and Jalebi are known across Madhya Pradesh as the breakfast diet. Dal Bafla and Malpua are the cuisines that made MP a foodies’ paradise.

Tour of Gujarat

Gujarat is known amongst Indians as the best place for food in India. They have an extensive menu to offer when it comes to serving meals. Kadhi is traditionally Gujarati dish now famous all over India. Shaak or curry of different kinds is essentially Gujarati recipes.

Tour of Rajasthan

The most famous cuisine of Rajasthan is none other than Dal Baati Churma along with Lal Maas (Red Meat). The millet bread tried with Garlic Chutney is a delight to have.

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