Chikhaldara hills: An Abode of Nature

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A place with the treasures of nature in the state of Maharashtra which holds the definition of true natural beauty, the Chikhaldara hills is one of the best hill stations in India. The cool natural breeze, the sky full of stars in the night time, the soothing voice of waterfall, the mesmerizing beauty of the flora and the fascinating birds and animals are all the most interesting aspects of the place. This spellbound beauty leaves the tourists awestruck and the place is good for all kinds of travelers. Chikhaldara Hills have a lot of amazing places with immense natural beauty and picturesque view and the place can be visited any time of the year.

The main attractions of the city include the following places:

  • Bhim Kund: This is also known as Kichakdara a lake loved by pilgrims who come to visit the place from far away. The place is considered an important place with some deep historic importance. The lake or Kund is 3500 m deep with an amazing waterfall which fascinates all the nature lovers by its beauty and view.
  • Gwaligarh Fort: The fort is an amalgamation of magnificence with excellence. The three big gateways and various carved sculptures mark a unique work of architecture of the historical era.
  • Bir Lake: Offering a beautiful view of nature, the lake was built at the time of the British rule for the soldiers. The lake is known for the location close to one of the major tourist attraction of the hill station known as the Panchbol Point.
  • Panchbol Point: In the abode of nature the point is located near the Bir Lake and is one of the most popular sites of the Chikhaldara Hills. The Panchbol Point refers to the echo which is heard after we shout in this area surrounded by mountains all around.
  • Gugamal National Park: This National Park is a very important part of the preservation of the biodiversity in the region. The park is spread over an area of 361.28 sqm. km. There is a famous lake known as the Semadoh Lake in the entrance of the National Park which offers a lot of recreational facilities like boating and fishing. The park is an important part of the Melghat Tiger Reserve and is also a home to many other species like a wild bear, fishing cat, sloth bear, panther and a lot of plant species like Kusum, Dhawada, Ain, Lendia and a lot more. The park is a good spot for nature lovers and an amazing place to spend some time knowing the wildlife of the area.
  • Sunrise Point: Also known as the Malviya Point as the name suggests, the point portrays a beautiful scenic beauty and the picturesque view of the rising sun which is one of the rarest scenes in the Chikhaldara Hills and hence makes it a must visit place for the visitor’s list.
  • Harken Point: This is another point located on a plateau in the Chikhaldara Hills. The point offers a fantastically beautiful scene of the hills and the greenery surrounding the place.
  • Wan Sanctuary: The Sanctuary is an extension of the Melghat Tiger reserve and a home to a number of wildlife habitats. The sanctuary is a very important part of the tourism in Maharashtra and offers a jungle safari which is a very different experience for all visitors. Leopards, Sambar, Tigers, Barking Deer are some of the various species of animals found in the Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Mozart Point: This is another point in the Chikhaldara Hills which offers another great picturesque view of the mountains and the valley. The peaceful environment with a breathtaking view of the mountains is all that makes this point a love for tourists.

The Chikhaldara Hills are one of the most favorite places for all the tourists visiting the state of Maharashtra. There are many other places in the hill station including many other points like the Monkey Point, Mozart Point, Prospects Point, Devi Point and some more points which offer an amazing view. The hill station is a must visit while a visit to Maharashtra and one should barely miss such an opportunity of connecting to the roots closer to nature away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.

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