Blessed with sun osculate beaches, serene lagoons and slivery sands, Kerala is one of the international destination of beaches for holidays. Both the northern and southern parts of Kerala are famous for their sun-drenched beaches. While Kappad, Darmadam, and Muzhapilangad are the major beaches in Kerala, Kovalam and Varkala is the ones in the southern Kerala.

Though, Varkala attracts a beach-resort atmosphere, is not integrative like the other beaches. It different from Kovalam many respects – be it topography or ambiance. The topography of Varkala is the greatest attraction.

Varkala is an ideal holiday destination in the Kerala for the tourists who wants a peaceful vocation. Varkala cliffs-top is an ideal place of watch the spectacular Sunset. The wide plateau atop the steep cliffs offers a grand vista of Sea.

The place is natural paradise for tourists. It is an attraction for its unlimited potential and infinite charm where tourists enjoy a wide range of pursuits like boat riding, sun bath, and Ayurveda. Varkala is also an important religious place for the Hindu.

Varkala Town

Varkala is a town in Indian state Kerala, 50 km north of Trivandrum. The Samadhi of Kerala ’saint and reformer Shree Narayan Guru, who established major landmark Sivgiri Matt, is situated in this town and hence has become a place of pilgrimage.

Varkala is a circumlittoral town and municipality in Thiruvananthapuram district situated in the Indian state of Kerala. It is the suburban town of Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum city. It is located 50 km northwest of Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum and 37 km southwest of Kollam.

The Varkala Beach Trip

The Varkala beach is a popular and scenic beach, beautified by lofty cliffs and mineral water springs. This beach is a strange mixture, it is a holy site for Hindus and hippy hangout for wannabe yogis. Varkala alone is the only beach in southern Kerala where cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea.

These Cenozoic sedimentary structure cliffs are unique geological features on the otherwise flat Kerala coast and are known among geologists as Varkala formation and a geological monument as declared by the geological survey in India. There are numerous water spout and spas on the side of these cliffs.

In 2015, the ministry of mine, the government of India and Geological Survey of India (GSI) have declared Varkala cliffs as a geo-heritage site. This beach is very famous for Spa, Minerals Springs, and Ayurvedic Centres, offering best treatments and therapies.

Myth About Varkala

Varkala is serenely beautiful destination along India’s western coast is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre. According to a myth, Saga Narada was approached by a group of mendicants who confessed to having sinned. Narada threw his valkkalam (cloth made from the bark of a tree) into the air and the place where it landed was subsequently name Varkala. The mendicants were directed by Narada to offer their prayers in the newly created place by the seashore. The place where they prayed for redemption came to be known as the Papanasam beach (Papanasam means redemption from sins). The clam and secluded beach is much love by tourists.

Touring Around Varkala

Varkala beach is also called Papanasam beach as it is believed that taking bath here wash away all sins. Varkala is also famous for the 2,000 years old Janardana Swami Temple which is an important Vaishnavaite shrine in India and is often referred to as Dakshin Kashi or Benares of the south.

The temple is located closed to the Papanasam beach which is an important Ayurvedic centre too. The temple has an ancient bell removed from a shipwreck, donated by the captain of the Dutch vessel which sank near Varkala without causing any causalities. The deity of the temple of Vishnu and Hindu pilgrim come here to perform find rites for deceased.The Papanasam beach at Varkala is a quiet, seclude beach known for its white, slivery, stretch of sand, mineral springs and rocky cliffs.

The final resting place of Sree Narayana Guru, the great social reformer of Kerala, is near Varkala atop a hill named Sivgiri. Sree Narayana Guru Yoga (SNGY), the organization he founded for the upliftment of backward classes, is headquartered here. The Mahasamadhi of the revered Guru is located on the top of the hillock. High cliffs with mineral springs rising majestically is a scene typical of Varkala.

Climate of Varkala

The climate is humid. The best time to come here is between October and March. The main season runs from December 1st – March 31st, with December and early January experiencing the biggest rush.

Reaching Varkala

To visit Varkala have many ways such as – by car, bus, train and plan.

  • By Air – The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport about 55 km away. Varkala helipad at Varkala cliffs.
  • By Train – The nearest railway station is Varkala Shivgiri Railway station, which is well connected by regular trains.
  • By Road – Varkala is 11 km away from National Highway 47. KSRTC Buses and private Buses come from NH 47 the time interval. You can also use the car or taxi.

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