Sri Venkateshwara National Park, Andhra Pradesh

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If you are a wildlife enthusiast or a nature lover, Sri Venkateshwara National Park is a perfect place to treat you with a land rich in flora and fauna. The Biosphere Reserve is also known as a “Small Zoo” with numerous mammals, reptiles, birds, and plants. The park is also famous for being special Themed Park showcasing animals mentioned in the ancient Hindu Manuscripts. In the world famous temple town of Tirupati, the National Park attracts people from all over the country.

With the distinguished wildlife in the park, the National Park has astonishing natural beauty with a number of waterfalls like the Gunjana, Gundalakona, and Talakona. The spellbinding natural beauty of the Eastern Ghats and the picturesque views from the park are a great deal together. Sri Venkateshwara National Parkin the state of Andhra Pradesh which is known to have a number of tourists destinations like Araku Valley and religious destinations like Tirupati Balaji Temple which drives a number of devotees from all over the world.


The was established in the year 1969and was declared as a National Park in the year 1998 which was known to cover an area of about 354 sq. km. The park preserves some of the rarest and endangered species found in this area.

The government of India declared the region covering the Seshachalam Hills of Cuddapah district with an area of 506 sq. km which also undertook the area of the National Park as a Biosphere Reserve in the year 2010.


Sri Venkateshwara National Park is located in the Eastern Ghats in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The hills of two districts of the state namely Chitoorand Cuddapah cover an area of about 506 sq. km with the national park covering an area of 354 sq. km. The location is also jeweled with spell-binding beauty showcasing plateaus, gorges, steep slopes, waterfalls, and valleys.

The town of Tirupati is the geographical capital of this amazing place which has two main hills crowning the beauty of the park including the Seshachalam Hills and Tirumala Hills. TheEastern Ghats consist of an elevation varying from 150 to 1,130 m.


Sri Venkateshwara National Park receives maximum rainfall which comes from the northeastern part and a little bit of it from the southeastern part. The average rainfall is recorded to be 900 mm. The climate in the area is ideal for the natural habitats growing in the area.

The average mean temperature of the area is recorded varying from -5 degrees to 45 degree Celsius. Although the park can be visited throughout the year the best time to visit the park is during the month of November to January which provides the most favorable conditions for the nature tour to Sri Venkateshwara National Park.

Flora and Fauna

The area has about 1,500 species of plants belonging to 174 families. The forest cover adding to the natural beauty majorly consists of dry deciduous mixed forests with some moist deciduous forests. There are also some rare species of plants found in the area which includes Sandalwood, Red Sanders, Shorea Talura, Terminalia Pallida, Psilotum Nudum and a lot more.

The fauna of the National Park consists of the most popular animal being Slender Lorises and Stump-TailedMacaque. The most frequently spotted species include leopard, nilgai, wild boar, Indian giant squirrel, hyena, flying lizards and a lot more. The bird found on a verge of extinction is the oriental white-backed vulture. The other birds in the area include Indian roller, yellow browed Bulbul, loten’s sunbird, ashy crowned finch lark and many others including about a 178 species of birds.

The National Park is a paradise to all the nature observers providing a peaceful environment, with a picturesque view. The park offers a habitat to a number of wildlife creatures which can be spotted from time to time while the visit. The faunal includes reptiles, birds, and predators which are very fascinating to watch. The spell-binding view of nature all around the park with flora, waterfalls and the hills all around is an amazing sight to the eyes and a delight to a photographer’s lens.

Route For Sri Venkateshwara National Park

  • By Road: The park is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the town of Tirupati and 160 kilometers from Chennai
  • Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station in the area is at Tirupati.
  • Nearest Airport: The closest airport is located at Tirupati.


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