Rajmachi Trek, Maharashtra


Rajmachi is one of the top listed destinations for trekking in Maharashtra. It has beautiful exotic natural locations with all those spectacular views which make it simple & beautiful trailing for all the trekker’s enthusiasts. It gives panoramic views of waterfalls and greenery during the Monsoon season when the whole place becomes delightful as rain pours on the dense foliage.

Rajmachi Fort will be the best option where you can spend your most of the time over by the fort by exploring ‘Manranjan’, ‘Shrivardhan’ and the ‘Rajmachi’ lake. You will get a good opportunity to see various species of different animals and birds. Along with you can also go with the good food and the firewood with you. The fort has lots of secret tunnels leading to battlements. So, if you want to explore the place, then you can plan your weekend plan for the Rajmachi Trekking where you can explore the true beauty of nature. You can go the base of Manranjan, which is the most convenient route to start trekking from.

More About Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi Fort is one of the favorite destinations for all those trekkers who have an enthusiast of exploring the beauty of nature.  Situated near the famous hills of Maharashtra i.e., Lonavala & Khandala, it gives an unadulterated beauty nature of Rajmachi emerges with lush green forests, silvery waterfalls & streams making up the verdant landscape. It is about to 15 kilometers of trekking distance from the Lonavala Hill.

Comprises of two forts Manranjan & Shrivardhan. It has pleasing natural beauty accompanied with the historical facts that go in the time of greatest warriors of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Mahara. Rajmachi has a quiet significance because of its vital position – keeping an eye on the Borghat, and the beauty has offered the mesmerizing environment for the trekkers.

How To Reach Rajmachi Trek

The trekking route in Rajmachi also gives a different kind of thrill. It has some challenging routes also which test your stamina thus here we are suggesting you both the routes one can take place to reach Rajmachi Fort.

  • The First Route – If your trekking route will go through the Lonavala Hill, then you will find yourself in more challenging route. On the way of your route, there will be a diversion just before Khandala Ghat which will take you to Kunze Gaon from where you will have an off-road experience that will lead you to Rajmachi or Udhewadi (a base village). This route is quite difficult in which there will be mountains with a valley on one side & on the other side, a stone wall.
  • The Second Route – This route goes through the Karjat. It just takes a couple of hours to reach Karjat from CST. The trek route starts from village Kondivade. The route from Karjat, although takes a little less time than the route from Lonavala does. You will need to be reached by a 6 seater rickshaw from Karjat.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to go for Rajmachi trekking is during the season of monsoon, the time when the whole place becomes delightful as rain pours on the dense foliage. The peak has two fortified structures, Shrivardhan & Manranjan. It can be reached either by the tough route which is from Kondivade village near Karjat that involves a climb of about 2,000 feet from Lonavala.

Camping in Rajmachi is also a good idea because of the long trek. Rajmachi Rural Aid & Development Programme (NGO) has dormitories to offering camping accommodation facilities for trekker’s enthusiasts to Rajmachi in Udhivade village at a nominal charge. You can also camp out in the Rajmachi fort; the forts offer serenity & a peaceful atmosphere which will give you a perfect gateway to spend your weekend amazingly.

You don’t need to be worried about going hungry as the local serves you with delicious food like Bhakri & chicken. Or else, if you are carrying enough firewood the Maggi is always your fall-back.

Nature’s Delight Trek

Anyone who loves nature, and loved to explore the true beauty of nature then the Rajmachi is a place where your desire to get close to nature can be fulfilled.

Last but not the least which needs to inform that we all must keep maintains the purity of the place, and our dignity, we must avoid littering, acts like smoking and boozing at such places.

Spend time in the fresh air of the mountains & enjoy the breathtaking beauty in the Rajmachi Trek.

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