Offbeat Places in Goulburn


Goulburn, a picturesque city nestled in New South Wales, Australia, is often celebrated for its rich history and cultural significance. Beyond the well-known landmarks, this charming city has a treasure trove of offbeat places waiting to be explored. If you’re seeking a unique and less-traveled adventure, here are some offbeat places in Goulburn worth adding to your itinerary:

The Big Merino

While it may not be entirely unknown, the Big Merino certainly stands as an offbeat attraction due to its colossal size and quirky charm. Standing proudly as a tribute to Australia’s wool industry, this giant concrete merino sheep is a testament to the region’s agricultural heritage. Visitors can climb to the top for an expansive view and learn about the wool industry inside.

Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre

Train enthusiasts and history buffs will find solace in the Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre. This lesser-known gem houses an impressive collection of vintage locomotives, carriages, and rail artifacts. Delve into the golden era of rail travel, explore restored carriages, and even hop aboard a steam locomotive for a memorable journey through time.

Rocky Hill War Memorial and Museum

For a dose of history and panoramic views, a visit to the Rocky Hill War Memorial and Museum is a must. This offbeat attraction offers not only a moving tribute to fallen soldiers but also a climb to the top of the hill, providing breathtaking views of Goulburn and its surroundings.

Garroorigang Historic Home

Step back in time at Garroorigang Historic Home, a lesser-known heritage property exuding elegance and history. Wander through well-preserved rooms and gardens that have witnessed centuries of stories. Guided tours bring the past to life, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the grandeur of a bygone era.

Riversdale Historic Homestead

Nestled amidst beautiful gardens and picturesque landscapes, Riversdale Historic Homestead is an offbeat treasure showcasing early colonial architecture. Explore the charming homestead, filled with period furniture and artifacts, and gain insights into the life and times of the early settlers in Goulburn.

The Paragon Cafe

The Paragon Cafe, a culinary time capsule, is a delightful offbeat experience for food aficionados. Stepping into this vintage cafe feels like entering a different era. Enjoy a meal in retro surroundings and savor classic dishes, all while immersing yourself in the ambiance of a bygone era.

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