Mauritius is synonymous with white sandy beaches and laid-back lifestyle. Since time immemorial we’ve heard Honeymoon couples flocking to Mauritius. Its name Paradise Island offers a plethora of activities to do when you step in Mauritius. The sandy and warm beaches will welcome you with open arms, waiting to soak you into its Mauritius effect.

It is situated in the Indian Ocean and draws attention with its marvelous lagoons and drenched rainforests, that in itself houses a myriad of wildlife species. This informative article can help you decide which places to go in Mauritius to explore, the ones which make our essential ‘Must Do’ list.

Paradise for Food Lovers

The street food of Mauritius is second to none. Owing to its ethnicity and cultural isolation Mauritius has now to offer a fusion cuisine that is derived from different people that made this country their home. A blend of Indian, Chinese, Creole and African makes the Mauritius food street a vibrant place. Other than that you will be offered cuisines from all corners of the world because of tourism.

The streets of Mauritius are full of vendors offering scrumptious street food. Because Mauritius is sea facing it will definitely offer a wide variety of sea food. But you get almost everything here. You are not likely to miss something from home while eating out in Mauritius.

Driving Around

Usual tourists would like to be driven around for commuting purposes in Mauritius. But you are an adventurous sort. So the best way seeing around this Island country would be through self-driven vehicles. This gives you the freedom to explore the region at your pace. Self-driving also allows you to visit untouched places that are not in agenda of regular tourists.

While driving you must not always rely on GPS and become your own master. When in alien places always be humble to ask for directions if you feel lost. Most people in Mauritius understand and speak English well. So you can easily move around. Approximate $35 per day could be the rental cost for an economy-sized car.

The Tea Plantation Visit

This is for the Tea lovers. The sprawling tea gardens of Mauritius are a welcome site for tourists, especially for those who have never seen a tea garden before. The scenes are typical here. You would be alone on the road with foggy tea plants all around you. Then you will see the people working in their garden, picking tea leaves. Just a drive around the region would thrill you.

If you want an in-depth tour of a tea garden then a guided tour is recommended for you. Spend a day and find how tea is grown and processed before coming into your cup.


What’s Mauritius without its beaches? We say nothing. The country is blessed with awesome beaches, some of them rated as the best in the world. And once you start exploring the beaches there is no end to them.

As per our travel experts, some of the best beaches of Mauritius could be the Belle Mare Beach, the northern La Cuvette beach hidden from common eyes, and the rugged beaches of the South, especially Le Morne. Each one boasts its own special features and activities to do. At Le Morne, Kite-surfing is a popular activity to indulge in. Or simply laze around here with a ‘devil may care’ attitude, with some Coronas to ease you out.

Indulge in Water Sports

The lengthy shoreline of the Mauritius offers a variety of water sports and activities to occupy one with. The deep sea diving is getting popular with every passing season. More and more enthusiasts want to go diving in the deep sea to explore marine life. One can also try hands at deep-sea fishing, though it may take years of practice before you can catch your first kill. There is option of Snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba to quench your adrenaline while in Mauritius.

One activity gaining popularity in Mauritius is the Undersea Walk. It is a truly unique experience to explore the ocean bed, and ultimately taking a walk on it. A person is suspended below the sea using a giant visor for a regular supply of oxygen. Scary at first, but soon you start enjoying the undersea life, no sooner you’ll start to witness exotic fishes and other aqua-marine life.

The Chamarel Village

Chamarel village is situated in the southern Mauritius and brings you a host of surprises. The striking feature of this village is the landscape that is different from usual places you see. The earth is colorful. You see the hues of yellow, purple, orange, red and brown on the volcanic surface. The shapes, color, and sizes of natural landscape and structure leave you surprised.

The drive to the Chamarel village in Mauritius is dotted with pristine waterfalls, valley, and gorges. You must include this drive of nature’s paradise when you decide to visit Mauritius next time.

Tasting Rum

Mauritius is gaining popularity for its Rum, even though it’s Jamaica that tops the list of rum lovers. Rum brewing is one of the best-kept secrets of Mauritius. But slowly the secret is getting out with more and more travelers choosing to go for Rum tasting tour across Mauritius. The widespread Sugarcane production in Mauritius allows them to produce a large quantity of Rum, which keeps their travelers happy.

The variety of beverages is many here. There are excellent blends of White rum as well as dark rum in the offer. Read for more details about the breweries or places to visit to ensure a successful Rum tasting tour of Mauritius.

Exploring the Local Mauritius

The best thing to while in Mauritius is to unearth their local culture and secrets. Beaches, partying and luxury are common activities everywhere you go, but the local culture remains exclusive to a country or region.

To know more about people, it is best to talk to them. You will find Mauritian people to be warm, friendly and always cheerful. They have a great attitude to towards visitors. Never miss an opportunity to sit with them, even visit their homes for a brief duration.  They tell you local stories, myths, and legends. Their generosity is obvious and many times locals helped us without looking back for favors.

You can also take Sugarcane field and countryside walks in the inland Mauritius. It also brings into your notice the economy of the country that they are not totally reliant on tourism. A visit to L’Aventure Du Sucre is a must. It is a sugar museum having its own sugarcane fields. The museum gives you a history of the crop and its significance for the island nation.

The local culture will astound you. There are so many languages spoken, but none is native. The religious diversity is also something that will amaze you. There are Hindu temples, Churches, Mosques and Chinese pagodas visible everywhere in Mauritius, all sharing the streets of Mauritius.

You can also participate in the numerous festivals that are celebrated all across the country. Soak in their local culture, live their life for a few days and you will know why Mauritius is such unique destination for travelers.

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