Markha Valley Trek


Markha valley trek can be pursued in Jammu Kashmir in northern India. The trek goes through the pristine Markha valley in the Ladakh region and connects the Zankar valley with the Ladakh valley. Ladakh is considered as one of the most beautiful places on earth. And this Tibetan desert in the sky offers outdoor lovers a unique opportunity to explore this unexplored hinterland in the Himalayas.

The Markha valley trek is your journey into the remoteness of earth. This is the land where Snow Leopard and Big Bears roam freely. The project Snow Leopard for this elusive cat is being conducted at Markha. For a wildlife enthusiast, the Markha valley will come as a big surprise. A large number of birds and grazing animals will keep you on your toes. Moreover, the experience of backpacking through the remote trails amidst the Himalayas is a feeling only a mountaineer can express.

The trek to Markha valley also opens your window to witness the ancient Buddhist monasteries that are found in numbers. Tibet has been a land of Buddhist followers and this influence can be easily seen while you undertake the Markha Valley trek.


  • Difficulty: MODERATE to HARD
  • Trek Distance: 90 km
  • Trek Duration: 12Days
  • Location: Leh Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir, India
  • Best Time: Mid May to early November. 
  • Nearest international airport: New Delhi, India
  • Nearest domestic airport: Leh, India

The Markha Valley Trek Equipment List

  • Footwear: Trekking Boots (snow and water proof), normal walking boots, and floaters. Few pairs of warm/woolen socks.
  • Luggage: Backpack (50-60 liters), Daypack (20-30 ltr), Duffel bag.
  • Clothes: Waterproof breathable jacket & pants, Jacket (synthetic or fleece of down feather), insulated pants (Synthetic), Poncho, Sweatshirt, inner thermal (upper & lower), fleece, t-shirts, cotton trekking pants, shorts.
    * clothing as per the season
  • Gear for Hand & Head: Liner glove, Bandanna, Sun hat, Woolen caps, Face mask etc.
  • Accessories: Sunglasses/Goggles, anti-glare glasses, water bottle, hydra pack, Headlamp with spare bulb and extra batteries.
  • Trekking Gears: Emergency tool kit.
  • Protection and First-Aid: Sunscreen, toiletry kit, water purification tablets, Zip-lock bags, ear plugs, first-aid and all essential medicines.
  • Camping Equipment: Sleeping bags (extreme -5 to +5 Celsius) with liner, trekking poles, etc.

Tips for Markha Valley Trek

The best time to pursue Markha valley trek is from the month of May till late October or early November. From December onwards Markha valley remains inaccessible to the rest of the country and the region goes into freeze mode. Although you find enough of the sun in Markha, there is always an element of unpredictability when it comes to Himalayan weather. Make sure you are well prepared with food and equipment when going for Markha valley trek.

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