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London is the capital of England and is a modern city with traces of European past in its streets and alleys. It is the most important city of Europe in terms of trade and politics and has every right to be called as one of the most interesting cities in the world. Thames rivers flow through the middle of London.

The article will help you understand more about so a well-defined travel plan can conceive. If you do not believe in customized package tours then our article will help you design a trip for your own self. Here are the things to do and places to visit in London.

Places to Visit

London has a number of attractions that may take you a few days to explore. The best London attractions are:

  • The Big Ben: A personalized tour of this classic national timepiece is must visit attraction of London.
  • Buckingham Palace Tour: Get hitched to one of the Palace tours that can be worthwhile if done with a tour guide.
  • British Museum: The museum houses the rare artifacts of British and European history and is much recommended by HelpTravelerOnline.
  • London Eye: The best way to observe London from the top is through it. Take this slow pace spin and see what this city looks like from birds eye.
  • St. Paul Cathedral: The church has an iconic status and holds high prestige in the Catholic hierarchy. The courtyard of the church, as well as its gardens, are very pleasing to eyes and soul.
  • Westminster Abbey and Palace: Both the gothic church as well building – now the home of UK Parliament – are an absolute must in your London trip.
  • Tower Bridge: Last but not the least. What’s London without its Tower Bridge? Take a few hours trips at this landmark and spend time around walking and watching.

Best time to Visit

The recommended season to visit London is during spring when the flora is in blossom and weather is perfect. Typically, it is between April and October that London sees the highest number of visitors. Since the tourist inflow is high during the season it is best to book accommodation and services in advance.

How to See London

As a visitor, you have a few options of how you can travel through London. A very popular way is to take the double decker Bus tour of the city that would cover your all major attractions discussed in this article. It is a tested way of taking a London city tour in a jiffy. However, if you have more time then walking through the streets, taking local transport is the best way to observe London closely. If you want a hassle free tour then discuss it with a travel operator who can suggest an appropriate tour within your budget and liking.

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