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Kolkata is the jewel of India boasting its cultural richness and diversity despite being one of the most populous city on the planet. A travel trip to Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, unfolds to you the unique world of Bengal to you, mixed in its utmost modernism and rural beliefs. HelpTravelerOnline offers you a concise travel guide to Kolkata and allows you to sort out your own bespoke trip to the city of Joy.

Some of the prominent destinations of Kolkata that you must visit are listed below:

Eden Gardens Stadium

One of the largest stadiums in India, the ground is the Mecca of Cricket in India. Many memorable matches have been played here that draws many tourists to visit this gigantic stadium.

The Howrah Bridge

The bridge is a half kilometer long (450 m approximately) and has the distinction of being the busiest bridge in the world. It’s intriguing architecture and its everyday hustle bustle makes it a good hangout place.

Victoria Memorial

The memorial for Queen Victoria was designed by Lord Curzon. It has stood the test of times and is a now a monument of prestige for Indians. Today, the building is standing as a museum, with unique artifacts from British Era.

The Birla Planetarium

One of the largest planetarium in the world, Birla Planetarium is a destination of major attraction for most tourists in Kolkata. The central dome of Birla Planetarium is shaped as the Stupa of Buddhist found at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh, which is quite amazing.

Shanti Niketan

For someone into Bengali literature, Shanti Niketan is their temple of knowledge. It is memories of Rabindra Nath Tagore that draws people here. One unique thing at Shanti Niketan university township is the hot spring considered to cure much prevailing illnesses.

Ramakrishna Mission

Known as Belur Math the destination is the pilgrimage for those who believes in the philosophy and teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahansa. People from all walks of life, weather rich or poor, can bond together at the mission with the aim of universal brotherhood.


The most prominent temple in Kolkata can be Kali Mandir, or the Kalighat, which is dedicated to Goddess Kali for her power to destruct the world.  Bengalis are ardent followers of Kali, making Durgautsav the most prominent festival of the city.

The Dakshineshwar temple, also dedicated to Goddess Kali, is also important a holy temple of Kolkata, which is highly visited by masses.

Climate in Kolkata

Kolkata falls in the temperate zone of India and stays warm most of the years. Summers temperature during May to August remains high, easily soaring beyond 40 C. December and January are relatively pleasant months to visit and thus the best time to explore Kolkata.

Do’s and Don’t in Kolkata

If you are in India you will have to be always careful for odd events. The most important instruction makes sure not to rely on someone blindly. Make sure you have known the person from reliable sources before committing your time. Duping may not be common, but is prevalent in Kolkata and across India.

Always be vary of crowd and traffic in Kolkata and plan your movement accordingly. You may not want to miss out on a flight, train or bus because of the nasty traffic.

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