Kazu Brahmanada Reddy National Park, Andhra Pradesh

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In the hustle bustle of city life, if you want to find a place to rejuvenate calmness and have a treat from the nature, the city of Hyderabad has one of the best National parks in the state of Andhra Pradesh(Telangana now) named as Kazu Brahmandana Reddy National Park. The park offers an amazing deal to all those searching for a nature tour to feed their souls of wanderers. The National Park is rich in flora and fauna and has been serving the various species of the area for more than a decade now.

The major attractions of the National Park are the natural beauty of the place and the various plans and animals but the park has a complimentary royalty for the visitors in the form of Chiran Palace which is located inside the park itself and is a modern luxury with ancient comforts. The Kazu Brahmananda Reddy National Park attracts tourists from all over the world to be delighted with the feast of nature along with the complimentary comforts and a peaceful environment to adore the glories of the environment.


The National Park is Located in the Jublee Hills also known as the Banjara Hills of Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh which is a state having many other amazing nature tours destinations, one of them being the Araku Valley. The parks are spread in an area of about 390 acres with the lush green area and a number of plants and animals ready to welcome the visitors.

 The location is accessible from both the towns of Secundrabad and the city center of Hyderabad.The National Park is located close to the LV Prasad Eye Hospital and Peddamma Temple which are important landmarks of the city.


Kazu Brahmananda Reddy National Park also known as KBR National Park was declared as a National Park by the state government in the year 1998. The park is named after the former chief minister of the state, Kasu Brahmananda Reddy who was one of the most popular leaders of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The famous Charan Palace was built in the year 1960 when the whole property belonged to the Nizams of Hyderabad which now comes under the forest department now. Around 11 acres of the land still belonged to the Nizams till 2010 which is now reduced to 6 acres.


The climatic conditions of the National Park varying summer from a temperature from 25-degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. The area of the park remains comparatively cool less affected by the extreme temperatures in the city. The months of monsoon, months from June to September get a moderate rainfall of about 600 mm to 665 mm.

 The best suited time to visit the National Park as the greenery is maximum and nature is in full bloom with the after effects of the rain bringing freshness in the air and more colors to the surroundings. The winters are not very cold, i.e. the months of November to February, with the temperatures varying from 22-degree Celsius to a minimum of 10-degree Celsius.


The park offers numerous activities that will be loved by adventure lovers, photographers and natures’ admirers. If bird watching is one of your favorites in the nature walk then this is the best place to entertain your interests as the place will provide immense opportunities to spot some of the rarest and best species of Birds. The nature walk in the park is itself a great deal to spot various animals present in the area and admire the vicinity of the park.

The National Park is a delight for photographers who love to capture nature and wildlife in its best form. The nature tour to Kazu Brahmananda Reddy National Park has another great attraction which is the jungle safari. The experience will be surely one of the most thrilling experiences any adventure junkie will have.

Flora and Fauna

The variety of plants in the Kazo Brahmananda Reddy National Park is about 600 species including grasses, trees, shrubs, and herbs.Some other variety includes the Pteridophytes, Bryophytes, and Xerophytes. Some of the trees found in the region areNeem, Babul, Ficus, Teak, Sandalwood, etc.

The fauna of the area has about 130 species of colorful birds, 30 species of butterflies and a number of mammals and reptiles. Some of the major animals of the park include jungle cat, wild boar, mongooses, peafowl, pangolin, peacock, snakes, monitor lizards, palm civet, porcupine, Indian civet and a lot more.

Route For Kazu Brahmananda Reddy National Park

  • Nearest Railway Station: The nearest railway station in the area is at Secunderabad and Hyderabad.
  • Nearest Airport: The closest airport is located at Begumpet.

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