The largest city in the state of Rajasthan, the city of Jodhpur or the “Sun City” has a lot to offer other than the bright sunny weather it has the whole year round. The city is set in the Thar Desert area and has a glorious past as it was earlier a princely state. Although the city is located in the desert land, the city has a lot to offer to nature lovers seeking a landscape portraying natural beauty in this stark desert. The city has a number of natural attractions from lakes, gardens, caves, and parks attracting a large number of the public from all around the world. The city of Jodhpur is connected to all major cities of Rajasthan and neighboring states like Ahmedabad, Ujjain, Surat, Delhi.

The Major Natural Attractions of The city of Jodhpur Are:

Umed Garden Zoo

Spread in an area of 82 acres, the garden is one of the most popular gardens in the city; it is a place with mesmerizing beauty. The garden portrays beautiful roses in a set full of greenery giving a feeling of calmness. The garden is a recreation center for children with a mini zoo in the garden showcasing various animals including Australian parrots, rabbits, ducks etc.

Balsamand Lake

The beautiful lake is located at a distance of about 4.8 kilometers from the city. Adorned by palace next to it, the lake has immense beauty surrounding it. The amalgamation of lush greenery with the royal air around makes it a mixture of man-made beauty along with alluring natural getaway.

Machia Safari Park

This park is a treat for wildlife lovers with a large number of animals in the park. The park provides a thrilling experience for the visitors with a complimentary site for bird watchers where you can spot a number of birds. The main motive of the park is to have a biological park near the Machia Forest Block. The park is also working for the conservation of the endangered species of the region.

Sardar Samand Lake

 One of the most amazing spots in the city of Jodhpur, the exquisite beauty of this lake with the natural flora and fauna including plants and a number of animals in the area which provide a stunning experience in the visit. The place is a delight for bird watchers who can find a lot of migratory bird in the lake area. The various animals include chinkara, black bugs, and neelgai. The “Blue City” has not only the man-made colors of the blue but also the exotic lakes adding on to the color Blue.

Machiya Safari Park

The Machiya Safari Park in Jodhpur is one of the most popular tourist spots of the city. The park offers an astonishing view of the whole city along with the various animals like deer, desert fox, blue bulls, monitor lizards, rabbits, wild cats etc. as a part of the park. The enchanting beauty of the park premises also provides a delight to bird watchers as a number of birds can be spotted. The safari park is a must visit for all the nature lovers visiting the city.

Kaylana Lake

Located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the main city of Jaipur, the artificial lake was once a land with Palaces and gardens. The place is a sight to spot a number of migratory birds like Siberian Cranes. The landscape provides a picturesque view to soothe one’s eyes who is seeking for a place with alluring beauty. The area also has amazing natural vegetation including the Babool trees.

The city of Jodhpur has the authentic essence of the state of Rajasthan and is one of the major cities of the state other than the capital city of Jaipur. The city has a number of amazing natural spots which make the “Sun City” look more beautiful at the time of sunset. The blue color decorates not only many houses in the city but also the blue water of the lakes in the area and the blue sky which is most of the time clear. The city of Jodhpur has a number of famous palaces and temples, but the nature lover will not be disappointed in this city of historical importance as it never fails to amaze the tourists with its natural beauty. A wanderer will always go with a bag full of new experiences and a nature lover will always go with a heart full of memories from this amazing city of Jodhpur.

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