The group of islands collectively form the Grenada nation with the main called Grenada. The island is popular for its nutmeg plantation that gave it a second name of Spice Isle. But mainly, it is the tranquil landscape of Grenada that pulls in travelers from everywhere. Grenada offers vast, clean beaches and offers ample fun with music and entertainment. The rainforests of Grenada along with its diversified marine ecology also boost the tourism industry of Grenada.

HelpTravelerOnline takes a look at the most popular attractions of Grenada and also provide you suitable guidelines and advisory for your travel plans there.

Things to do in Grenada

The Grenada getaway starts form St George’s, the capital of the place, which offers a wide range of resorts and hotels for travelers. In fact, one can explore all kind of shopping options, eat at the best restaurants and trip out some very jazzy bars.

One of the obvious things to do is the leisure beach exploration. You can simply while your time on the beach side, soaking in sun rays for tanning your body with chilled beer. The Grenada beaches are usually empty and you can be at your wildest best here without any bother of anyone.

Grenada shoreline is home the best coral reef in the world. So an obvious means to get close to this natural wonder is through snorkeling. With the help of a guide, you can swim through the shallow coral reefs of the island for a wondrous time. If you seek more diverse marine life then a scuba dive would fulfill your adrenaline.

The excellent geographical diversity also allows you to undertake outdoor activities like hiking and nature walk into the rainforest of Grenada.

Best Time to Visit

Weather: The best weather of Grenada is from December to March when the air is cooler and drier, barred from the onslaught of rains. May and June are alright as well and preferred by a lot of tourists.

Cost: Another factor is the cost. During December to March when the weather is best also means that cost of things becomes dearer in Grenada. Hotels would cost you almost 50% higher. The overall cost of everything goes up. So May and June can be the best alternate to the winter season.

The above two windows would mean that you will be able to avoid rains of Grenada. Monsoon brings along with it the Hurricanes, which no one wants to encounter.

Good Hotels and Restaurants in Grenada

Grenada has hotels for all budgets and requirements. We recommend these hotels below, which have accumulated excellent ratings and reviews by customers.

Maca Bana: The classy property in St George’s offers individual villas with a beach facing view.

Spice Island Beach Resorts: This resort is also St George’s if located on the famous beach of the town and offers all inclusive packages that are very convenient.

Calabash Luxury Boutique Hotel: This spa resort is situated on the south coast and offers luxury facilities at a very satisfying prices. Early booking is recommended as the property usually remains full.

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