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Goa is one of the ancient Indian states situated in the South-western India, facing the Arabian sea. Goa is worldwide popular tourist spot of India that draws attraction of millions of International and Indian travelers. The reasons are simple. It unfolds its long and abundant sea beaches, its sprinkling waterfalls, the greenery combined with a historical backdrop of Portuguese architecture, and western ambiance.

If you are planning a Goa trip, you must pick out the best places and landmarks for excursions while in Goa. This travel guide will help you in exploring the most eye-catching places of interests.

Below we have compiled a list of best places to visit in Goa:

Calangute Beach

Calangute is a well-known and extremely popular beach spot of Goa. It is popular shacked tourist hot-spot that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. Visit Goa is absolutely incomplete if you do not visit this landmark destination. Calangute offers you sunny and warm atmosphere to enjoy water sports games like surfing and boating, and beach sports like volleyball.

Chapora Fort

Chapora fort is a popular destination of Goa. It is so popular that it is often chosen as a location for Bollywood cinema. Indians will remember the scene from movie Dil Chahta Hain when Aamir and Akshay Khanna are sitting at a Fort. That is Chapora Fort. The Chapora fort is located on the bank of Chapora river. The scenery is ideally suitable for photographers and nature lovers to click amazing and unforgettable moments, or just savor the beauty of the place.

Dudhsagar Falls

One of the tallest waterfalls in India is the Dudhsagar waterfalls. The Dudhsagar gets its name from the frothing milky view that is evident. The whiteness appears like milk is pouring down below. This makes up for a mesmerizing location that attracts the attention of locals as well foreign travelers.

One has to travel 45-km by road from Madgaon to reach Dudhsagar waterfalls.

Mollem National Park

Goa is not all about beaches or partying. There are several other reasons to visit Goa, and nature exploration is amongst one of the many. Wildlife enthusiasts should make sure to visit Mollem National Park that is home to some rare wild cats, exotic birds, and endemic reptile and animal species. Mollem National Park is widely known as the heaven for a vast range of butterflies.

Pandava Caves

When in Goa you must decide to explore some mythology places that becomes the basis of culture in India. Situated 9 km southward from Bicholim town are the Pandava Caves that may date back to 5000-7000 years. As per the famous scripture of Mahabharata, Pandavas stayed in those caves when they were in exile. The stayed in the caves for a substantial period time. The Pandava Caves are divided into five partitions and have a Linga in the centered portioned.

Close to the caves are Arvalem waterfalls, which are equally enjoyed by a family or even with a partner. The height of the fall here is about 50 meters, making it an incredible view.

Mangeshi Temple

Though you will find a shadow of Portuguese culture in Goa, it is just one side of the story. With the beautiful churches here, Goa also hosts a number of beautiful temples. The ancient Mangeshi temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is one of the oldest temples of Goa, with the statue of Nandi bull in the premises. So, you need not come to Goa just for partying. There is a definite essence of pilgrimage or temple tours during your next visit to Goa.

Ashwen Beach

Ashwem beach is located in North Goa, and the beach atmosphere is somewhat different from the other usual popular beaches. From Anjuna beach is 40-km away. Ideally, you should hire a two wheeler and cruise along the roads if you want to visit Ashwen beach. The beach is a peaceful spot for those tourists who love visiting less-crowded sea beaches. Here, you find peace and serenity, and the weather may appear cooler to you here.

Arossim Beach

Arossim beach is also a popular beach in Goa, known for its peaceful surroundings. From Margao, it is mere 12 km away from Margao, and very easily accessible. The beach is known for two its shacks, “The Starfish and the Venus shack.” You will some excellent seafood here, besides trying some delicious cuisine of India and abroad.

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