Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan
Gangotri Tapovan

Gangotri Tapovan


The trek from Gangotri Tapovan goes through the snout of Gangotri glacier where a fast flowing river is rushing out of Gomukh. The river is The Ganga, the lifeline of India, around which settles one-third of its entire population. For Hindus, the waters of Ganges is the final resting place to attain moksha (relief from the cycle of rebirth). Therefore, the source of this river plays a great importance to the sentiments of Hindus. Once you go cross the Gangotri glacier to the open meadows of Tapovan you are sure to get spellbound. Kissing the foot of Mount Shivling is Tapovan meadow with pristine Akash Ganga stream flowing through.

Gangotri Gomukh and Tapovan trek is also extremely crucial for professional mountaineers. Many high rising peaks are in close vicinity and the region sees active peak climbing attempts in this region. Shivling, Bhagirathi, Kedardome, Meru are all within striking distance on this trek. For an amateurish trekkers perspective, the landscape, geography, and wildlife of this place will be enlightening and even self-introspection.

Try to meet the Mauni baba in Tapovan, who helps travelers is trouble. Even at Bhojbasa, you will find saints seeking salvation at such remote Himalayan places. The Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan region falls under Gangotri National Park. There is abundant of wildlife in the region. The beautiful Ibex or Blue Sheep is usually visible in this region. Snow Leopards and Himalayan Brown Bears have also been frequently sighted in this region.

From all perspectives, the Gangotri Tapovan trek is perfect for someone who would love to explore the high reaches of Himalayas and observe the geology. With a little preparation, you can organize the Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan trek. Refer to the details given below:


  • Difficulty: HARD
  • Trek Distance: 55 km
  • Trek Duration: 08-Days
  • Location: Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
  • Best Time: May-June and mid-September till November. 
  • Nearest international airport: New Delhi, India
  • Nearest domestic airport: Dehradun, India

Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan Trek Equipment

  • Footwear: Trekking Boots (snow and water proof), normal walking boots, and floaters. Few pairs of warm/woolen socks.
  • Luggage: Backpack (50-60 liters), Daypack (20-30 ltr), Duffel bag.
  • Clothes: Waterproof breathable jacket & pants, Jacket (synthetic or fleece of down feather), insulated pants (Synthetic), Poncho, Sweatshirt, inner thermal (upper & lower), fleece, t-shirts, cotton trekking pants, shorts.
    * clothing as per the season
  • Gear for Hand & Head: Liner glove, Bandanna, Sun hat, Woolen caps, Face mask etc.
  • Accessories: Sunglasses/Goggles, anti-glare glasses, water bottle, hydra pack, Headlamp with spare bulb and extra batteries.
  • Trekking Gears: Emergency tool kit.
  • Protection and First-Aid: Sunscreen, toiletry kit, water purification tablets, Zip-lock bags, ear plugs, first-aid and all essential medicines.
  • Camping Equipment: Tents, sleeping bags (extreme -15to +5 Celsius) with liner, trekking poles, Sleeping mat, etc. Kitchen Tent, Ration, cooking utensils, etc.

Destinations on Gangotri to Tapovan Trek

  • At Uttara Kashi – On reaching Uttarkashi you can make your last minute preparations for the trek. Go to the ancient Vishwanath temple here if time permits.
  • At Gangotri – The famous shrine of Gangotri is here and you must visit take the blessings here for a good trek. The Surya kund fall is a good place to spend an hour or so. In fact, go for hiking around here so you get acclimatize to the weather. This is also the last place to buy anything.
  • At Gomukh – Do not go very close to the snout of the glacier. The glacier is always retreating can be dangerous if one goes too close.
  • At Tapovan – Tapovan is a place for deep mediation and soul searching. You can look at those magnificent big peaks for hours without interruption. Make sure to hike up to the pristine Blue lake, just a little hike above Tapovan.

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