Dublin is the capital of Republic of Ireland and one of the prominent European city of trade and culture. The city has a historic background as depicted in its architecture and monuments that are dotted all around Dublin. Facing the seafront, Dublin is a port town on the cusp of Dublin Bay and the Irish culture of beer and music is an added attraction for anyone who is going to visit Dublin.

Helptraveleronline gives you a brief guide to Dublin and the things you can do here.

Dublin Attractions

National Museum Ireland

The official museum of Ireland has conserved important documents and artifacts pertaining the Irish history. The Museum has three branches in Dublin itself, and another one situated in County Mayo.

Guinness Storehouse Visit

If beer is your religion then this place is your Cathedral. To taste the best beer of Ireland and getting an insight of beer brewery makes this place a very popular place. This restaurant also has a rooftop place to enjoy your drought.

Phoenix Park

This place is the melting point for thinkers, visionaries and its forests still see the wildlife roaming freely. An evening with family spent here can be an enriching experience about the culture of Irish people.

Dublin Zoo

The Dublin zoo is home to some very little wildlife species. The animals are kept here in comfortable and visitors get a very excellent view of the animals. A must visit in Dublin, especially if you have family with you

Old Jameson Distillery Tour and Dining

The story of Jameson brewery can be relived here. The guides here can tell you exactly how is started, all in a recreated scenes. After a knowledgeable tour, you can sit for an excellent dining experience et its restaurant.

Dublin Castle

Dating to the 13th century the historic Dublin Castle is now a place of recreation and knowledge seeking. The Dublin Castle premises now houses two museums as well as a Library, serving the curiosity of history enthusiasts. The garden of the castle offers expansive space to sit and relax and enjoy the sun. There are cafe around the complex that serves Irish specialties.

Other than the prominent places we have mentioned you should make a trip plan of Dublin that includes attractions like St Patricks Cathedral, the Beatty Library, the very famous Temple Bar over River Liffey and other such places.

Travel Advisory for Visit

Dublin is very to visit and crime is almost negligible. Still, it is advised not to get too drunk and loose sense of yourself anytime. Enjoy yourself but in a safe way. Getting a visa to Ireland is easy and most countries are offered Visa on arrival or even ‘No Visa’ policy.

The best time to visit Dublin is from April until September for the best climate. It is neither too cold nor too warm at these times of the year. It is comparatively less costly than most other European cities and hence appropriate even for a budget trip.

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