Dharamshala Stadium flanked by the Dhauladhar Range



Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh is a paradise for backpackers. This place allows excellent backdrop for an elongated stay of few weeks and thus explore the place mostly on foot with your rucksack tight-strapped. Moderately priced accommodation, good food at an economical price and its simplicity draws tourists from across the world. HelpTravelerOnline suggests backpacking in Dharamshala as one of the best of the activities in Indian Himalayas.

The attractive surroundings of Dharamshala and the presence of great Buddhism culture make this hill stations one of the best in India. Dharamshala tourism is at its top during summer, when the temperature is at its top. There are a lot of other charms in Dharamshala like beautiful St. John Church, headquarters of the Dalai Lama, Dal Lake, etc. that attract tourists from different parts of the country. And backpacking across Dharamshala and through Himachal is one of the most preferred activities on their bucket list.

History of Dharamshala

Dharamshala is a well liked hill town located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in the upper extends from the Kangra Valley at a height of 1,457 meters above sea level. Since past times the region nearby Dharamshala has been ruled by the Katoch Dynasty of Kangra, which is also the oldest outlive royal dynasty in the world. Following several wars and conflicts, the region came under the control of the British in 1848. Following the British invasion, the region was developed into a cantonment town for the Gurkha Light Infantry known as the Gurkha Rifles in 1860.

The great Tibetan head the Dalai Lama lives here and thousands of passionate travelers visit this hill station every day to enjoy its majestic beauty. This is surrounded by a bounty of nature with thick deodar cedar trees, snow-covered mountains, foreign culture, and attractive old monasteries. This is best explored through hiking and backpacking in Dharamshala with help taken from an appropriate travel sources. The existence of the great Tibetan leader Dalai Lama along with other Buddhist nuns & monks and various Tibetan Monasteries has made Dharamshala one of the well-liked tourist destinations in India.

Geography of Dharamshala

Dharamshala is divided into two parts, upper Dharamshala and lower Dharamshala and both these regions have attractive landscapes, bungalows, churches, monasteries, and cantonment that are surrounded by the mighty Dhauladhar Mountains. While visiting Dharamshala don’t miss the glory of Tibetan culture, which can be seen and experienced through its monasteries situated here.

Your holidays are incomplete if you don’t visit Mcleodganj, a beautiful village located in the neighborhood. This beautiful hill station is small yet stunning with views of the impressive Dhauladhar range and it is certainly one of the best places to visit in Dharamshala.

Dharamshala is an attractive hill station, which is showered in the glory of mother nature and Buddhist culture. For a passionate traveler, this place is nothing less than a heaven, so pack your bags and start traveling to Dharamshala for the best holidaying experience ever.

Dharamshala is one of the most well-liked holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh that give you adequate reasons to traverse the splendor of the destination. The city has a lot of shopping area that offers exceptional Tibetan handicrafts, carpets, and mats at a very fair price. If you know how to bargain then shopping can be more fun here.


  • Summer: The maximum and minimum temperature observed in this season is 31°C during days and 16°C at night.
  • Winter: The maximum and minimum temperature in this season are 25°C and 6°C.


For backpacking, the day temperature is very enjoyable in Dharamshala and nights are cool as well. So the tourist flow is always high in this beautiful hill station because of its pristine weather. However, the months between March and June are the best time to visit as it doesn’t get too cold or hot during this term. For someone who has an attachment with the rainy season, do visit this hill station during the months of July and August as Dharamshala presents some very beautiful views of the freshly washed forests and the amazing blossoming of flowers. But, make sure that your journey is safe and pleasant as cases of the landslide are quite common during monsoon.

Winter too is the best time to visit, basically for someone who wants to confront snowfall. The temperature even drops to 0C in winter, and so the months between December and February are the best to catch a sight of cool Dharamshala.

Some of the well-liked markets that attract tourists in huge numbers are listed below. They are excellent to walk across just the activity for backpacking:

  • Kotwali Bazar: This is the perfect place to buy Tibetan accessories like trinkets, traditional jewelry, mandala paintings, thangkas, Tibetan dresses, woolen shawls, prayer wheels, trousers, slippers, prayer flags, and gift items. One can also get other chief accessories from this market for trekking at higher elevation in the Dharamshala region.
  • Mcleodganj: If you are looking forward to buying Tibetan handicrafts, mats, and other local goods, then Mcleodganj is the right place for you. Here, one can visit Divine Buddha Handicrafts, which offers mementos and handicrafts. There is a special sale that goes on every Sunday for those who have an attachment to Tibetan garments and other local goods.
  • The Green Shop: The green shop is charged by the Tibetan Welfare Office and it offers to reprocess goods. So, if you are attached to nature, then visit this shop to get the best Eco-friendly products.

How To Reach

  • By Road

Buses of all classes run daily between Dharamshala and major cities such as Chandigarh, Delhi, and Shimla through NH-503. Few buses every night connect Mcleodganj with Manju Ka Tila, the Tibetan settlement in Delhi.

  • By Air

Dharamshala town is reached by Dharamshala Gaggal Airport.

  • By Rail

Pathankot is the railway head. There is another railway line from Pathankot to Jogindernagar, a part of Mandi Nagar Himachal Pradesh. The nearest station is Shaktipitha a town well connected by road to various parts of the country.

What to Carry

Your footwear should comfortable Hiking Boots (water proof at least), sneakers and floaters with several pairs of warm/woolen socks. Get a Backpack (60-80 liters) with appropriate clothing like the Waterproof breathable jacket, fleece, Poncho, Sweatshirt, inner thermal (upper & lower), t-shirts, trekking pants, as per the season. Also grab your glove, Bandanna, Sun hat, Woolen caps, Sunglasses, water bottle, Emergency tool kit, first aid etc. Buy a sleeping bag if you can as it is ideal for backpackers.

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