The diversity in India is not only found in culture but also places. The Union Territory of Daman and Diu is the second largest in India. The Union territory is divided into two parts including the coastal town of Daman and the small islet Diu which are separated by the Arabian Sea. One of the best parts of both the places is the Arabian sea which offers a number of sun-bathed beaches for the tourists to visit. The two parts are roughly at a distance of 650 kilometers apart from each other. The place was a part of the Portuguese Colony and hence a lot of architectural part constitutes a number of churches and colonial forts forming another set of important tourist attractions.

The Important Tourist Attractions in the Union Territory of Daman and Diu

Jerome Fort

It is a phenomenal fort portraying Portuguese architecture. The fort is also known as Nani Daman Fort. The fort is a perfect insight into the ancient architecture and the rich history. This is a must visit place in Daman. The fort is now turned into a school but its magnificence is intact till date.

Zampa Gateway

It is located on the southern border of the state of Gujarat. This is a huge carved wall which was built as a gateway to the main town. The various designs of angels, a priest, and lions as carvings and an artificial waterfall increase the value of the divine architecture.

Nagaoa Beach

It is less visited by people is one of the most loved places of Daman and Diu. The beach offers a number of water sports which can raise the adenine rush and provides a best-suited environment for fun and leisure time.

Bom Jesus Church

It is a beautiful church in Daman portraying a unique work of Roman architecture. The intricate work of carvings and the detailed wooden work in the altar are very catchy to the eyes. The church is an important building preserving the heritage of Daman.

Ghogla Beach

It is located in the north of Diu Town at a distance of about 15 km. located in a location not so close to the city center; the beach is quite isolated but clean and beautiful. The site has immense scenic beauty with a treat for adventurous people offering water sports like surfing, parasailing and banana boat.

Chakrathirth Beach

It is surrounded by picturesque view all around. The beach also offers accommodation in the nearby resort where one can stay and enjoy the peaceful calmness of the water and the less crowded place.

Gangeshwar Temple

It is located at a distance of 3 km from Diu, the temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva and Lingam. A number of devotees come to visit the temple with the deity in the cave. The mythological stories and the mystic aura provide a rich charisma to the place.

Kadaiya Lake Garden

It is also known as Mirasol Lake Garden. It is a decent place which has an alluring beauty that attracts tourists to visit this garden in Daman and Diu. A man-made haven which has also been a spot for the shooting of various movies. The lake garden is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Daman and Diu.

Diu Museum

It is set up in one of the oldest church in Diu known as the St. Thomas Church. The museum displays a number of Catholic Statues, artifacts of the old time, shadow clocks, wooden carvings, idols and other statues. The museum preserves the creativity of ancient times and the heritage of the place.

The Union Territories of Daman and Diu are a hotspot for tourist and especially the tourists visiting the state of Gujarat. The place has a lot of other beaches like Devka Beach in Daman, Optimate Beach in Diu, Jallandhar Beach in Diu, Jampore Beach, Mandvi Beach and Ahemadpur Beach. There are also other important tourist spots like Shell Museum, Somnath Mahadev Temple, Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary, Jetty Garden and a lot of other places. The land of Gujarat with the shores at the Arabian Sea, Daman and Diu are a site of lively nightlife and fascinating sites which are a haven for adventure lovers as well as solitude-hunters at the same time.

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