Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

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In nature’s abode where the shades of trees give away coolness from the fireball sun, where the colorful butterflies can fill colors in the dull moods of anyone, where the greenery can sooth our souls, where we are away from the hustle bustle of the complications of life and are in an environment where we get to learn from our roots, the nature. A warm welcome from one of the most amazing place in Goa, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary bring you to a dreamland where all the worldly pleasures are a waste in front of this wonderland. The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary located in Canacona Taluka, South Goa is a major tourist destination and the second largest National Park in the state. One can visit the Wildlife Sanctuary in a day and go to any other destination or one can stay in the cottages available in the place for accommodation to spend a night or two in the lap of nature.

Some Brief details about the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • Best time to visit: October to March
  • Total Area: 86 sq. km
  • Nearest Railway Station: Canacona Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport, Dabolim

What is a Wildlife Sanctuary without Flora and Fauna?

The major Wildlife creatures in the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary include the following:

There are a variety of Plants species found in the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. The National Park is known for its magnificent tall trees which have a height of about 30 m and walking on the boulevard of such an amazing stretch of trees is an opportunity to find the connect to nature which one must not miss. The place has broadly three categories of trees including the Moist Deciduous Trees, Semi-evergreen trees, and Evergreen Trees also including some Hilly Valley Swamp Forest and Riparian Fringing Forest.The dense forest ensures the surroundings and environment of nature and wildlife all around. The Fauna of the place includes a variety of species including Malayan Bittern, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Mouse Deer, Sloth Bears, Panthers, Hyenas, Horn Bill, Wild Dogs, Wolf Snake, Sambar, Cheetal, Flying Lizard, Common Krait, Wolf Snake, Pangolin, Indian Python, Golden Backed Woodpecker, Large Green Barbet, Four-horn Antelope, Bison, Porcupines, Muridae Deer, Specked Piculet, Malabar Trogon, Heart-spotted Woodpecker, Gazelles, Malabar Tree Toad,Golden-back Gliding Snake and a lot more interesting animals and birds. The Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal place for nature lovers, adventure lovers, and wildlife photographers.

Some other attractions of the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary include the Eco-tourism Complex which is a hub for the tourists visiting the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary where they get a bonus of a lot of other recreational facilities than the flora and fauna. The place also has some perennial streams which add on to the beauty of the place. Some of them include the children’s park which is a park for children and to indulge them for some time. The cottages are another site in this complex. Other important things that the complex houses include the library, rescue center and one of the most important spots of the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, the Nature Interpretation Centre.

Nature Interpretation Centre provides a glimpse of the best scenes in the Wildlife Sanctuary. It provides a fabulous view of the Sanctuary from the top of the trees. The height of the spot ensures a perfect view and the location ensures the coverage of the major places where the animals can be seen. This place in the Sanctuary is one of the most favorite sites of the tourists visiting the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary who wish to encounter some of the best scenes of animals coming to drink water in a nearby pool or get a sight of the rare animals found in the Wildlife Sanctuary.

 Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary provides immense opportunities for tourists to invade the essence of the beauty in wildlife and a weekend away from the city life in a peaceful environment is ensured. The sightseeing in the place is loved by all ages of people. The breathtaking view of the whole place from the idea of building a Nature Interpretation Center both unique and amazing at the same time. In a place like Goa which is famous for beaches, this is a place unique in itself not to be missed while traveling to the state for memories that will last a lifetime and experience which is very rare.

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