Caribbean Islands Bonaire
Caribbean Islands Bonaire
Caribbean Islands Bonaire
Caribbean Islands Bonaire
Caribbean Islands Bonaire



Bonaire is an island in Caribbean sea, which is a colony or rather a municipality of Dutch. Bonaire is especially rich in biodiversity and sea life, making it a favored destination for naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts. The island is dotted with caverns and lagoons and sand dune hills giving it a very trippy atmosphere. Someone seeking quietness and solace in nature can surely turn their head to Bonaire.

It is clustered with many interesting spots that one must get around while here. They are worth a visit. Time permitting try to visit as many places as you can amongst the ones we mention below.

Washington Slagbaai National Park

Conceived in 1969, the Washington Slagbaai National Park is reserve zone aiming to conserve the biodiversity of Bonaire. 20% of Bonaire falls under Washington Slagbaai National Park. You can go for snorkeling, deep sea diving in Bonaire and can expect a great variety of marine species during your excursions. Take a cruise to Playa Funchi and make sure to go for hiking at Monte Brandaris.

Trip to ABC Islands

A group of three islands namely Aruba and Curacao forms the ABC Islands region. While Bonaire is a municipality of Netherlands, the other two islands are also under Dutch dominion but has their own constituency and an autonomous governance system. Apart from politics, the ABC Islands offers great fun in terms of music, shopping, and beach life.

Walk Around Kralendijk

The capital of Bonaire, the port town of Kralendijk is popular for its Casinos and walking streets. But essentially it’s the scuba and snorkeling that ropes in people here. Its exotic coral reef is mesmerizing. In fact, Kralendijk in dutch means coral reef and thus the place got its name. Do explore the Bonaire Marine National Park, the Mangroves Center as well the placid Lac Bay and Sorobon beaches in Kralendijk.

Rincon Town Visit

Rincon is a town of Bonaire that offers street walks as well as nature walks in its region. Like everywhere else the coral reef life in Rincon is also excellent and one can dig in and find excellent reefs in easy proximity. The Cadushy Distillery should be on your to-do list of Rincon, where you can get hands-on tour distilling alcohol.

The best time to visit would be ideal in December and January when the temperature is very pleasant. Try to stay away during monsoons as it can become very watery and windy.

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