Caribbean Islands Bahamas
Caribbean Islands Bahamas
Caribbean Islands Bahamas
Caribbean Islands Bahamas
Caribbean Islands Bahamas



The jewel of Caribbean Islands is the Bahamas, known for its wide turquoise green beaches and splendid attractions for sea sports. The country is actually a formation of hundreds of islands, called archipelago. The Paradise Island in the north along with Grand Bahamas are the most popular with travelers.

The article will go through some of the prominent sites of the Bahamas and the activities that are of interest for travelers.

Visit to Nassau

The capital of Bahamas has a hilly terrain and its beaches offer marvelous variety of coral reefs. This obviously draws divers and snorkelers like Bees to Nassau. When in Nassau you can hang out at Ardastra Gardens, which is a conservation center and a zoo. Fincastle and Charlotte Forts reminds of the forgotten era of Caribbean Islands when it was European dominion.

Visit to Freeport

Grand largest city is a wow destination for its beaches. The Deadman’s Reef park is high on the list of any diver in the world. The Lucaya beachfront has often been listed as the best beaches in various categories. The Taino beach is much more placid and people free. Nature lovers would love a boat or walking trip to The Garden of Grove, which is a botanical park.

Crooked Islands

The Bight of Acklin’s lagoons in Bahamas seas also forms the Crooked Islands, which are the largest amongst all in the group. It is usually a deserted island and thus making a perfect hideaway for lovers and solitude seekers. For marine enthusiasts, the coral reef off the island can be explored with diving and snorkeling, or even with a boat trip.

Green Turtle Cay

The three mile long and the half mile wide Green Turtle Cay is a barrier island named after the Green Turtle which are found here. Not many people live here and the place is mainly visited by curious travelers wishing to explore all that is possible. This naturally beautiful island will surely quench your curiosities.

Grand Bahamas

The countries northern most region is known as the Grand Bahamas. It is the most prominent destination of Bahamas archipelago and also the most visited part of the region.

The Bahamas has more places that would draw your attention and you must visit them if time permits. Some of the other places we recommend for travel are Eleuthera – known for its beaches and snorkeling. The Little Salvador Island is amazingly attractive for its architecture and lifestyle. Rose Island, Pig Beach, Elbow Cay are all worth a visit if you are in the Bahamas.

Best Time to Visit

HelpTravelerOnline recommends December to February as the best time to visit Bahamas. This is because during the December the temperature is very good. Otherwise, you can have a very warm time in the Bahamas. Avoid the tropical season from June to November as there are instances of a hurricane in the region.

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