Anvers Island
Anvers Insland

Anvers Insland


The Anvers Island in Antarctica is a part of Palmer Archipelago stretching up to 40-miles. Anvers Island is called the Antwerp Island as it was were sighted by a Belgian expedition group. From time to time several nations set up their bases in Antarctica and Anvers was one of their prominent destination. As Antarctica falls under no country many countries have made their outposts and scientific research station in Anvers Island.

The island is surrounded by massive glaciers and sometimes sea access to the islands can be difficult near the end of winters. If you have plans to visit Anvers Island then plan it correctly as you would like to have the best weather in a place like Antarctica.

There are a few activities you can explore during your travel to Anvers Island. This Anvers Island is majorly isolated with sparse barren land inhabited by Birds and marine life. Someone who is keen about nature can really find a paradise here. The island wildlife is much different found anywhere in the world. Apart from the regular sightings of Penguins, one can try hard to get a sighting of Polar bears.

The Palmer station

It is the only America communication and scientific research domain in this side of Antarctica. The station building here can accommodate up to 60 people. It was incorporated in 1964as a single room observatory, and since then has contributed immensely towards the understanding of marine life, global warming patterns and other ecological changes that can be monitored from untouched locations.

Very close by is the Cormorant Island, that is the nesting and breeding sight of the colony of Cormorants. It is an excellent place for bird watchers.

Visit Season for Anvers Island

The summers at Anvers islands starts in November and that’s when the access to these islands is possible for travelers. This season will last until June, after which the winter spells begins to take over. You should prepare really well for your visit to Anvers Island with proper clothing and protection. Even despite its summers, the nights can be extremely cold. So you need to pack things accordingly.

It is not difficult the permits and visa to Anvers, though some areas of the island are restricted and cannot be entered without permissions from the authority. Barring that your travel trip to Anvers Island can be filled with knowledge and information, as well as adventure with the geography.

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