The spirituality of the place, the air of Rajasthan, draped in the Aravalli Hills, Ajmer is a city with interesting past and witnessing a lively present. The place has not only one of the most important pilgrimage centers for Muslims, the Ajmer Sharif Dargah but also picturesque lakes, museums, and forts. The city is located at a distance of 135 from the state capital Jaipur and 319 km from the national capital New Delhi. Portraying a beautiful picture of the Muslim Architecture, the city is considered one of the most sacred of all Muslim pilgrimage places of India.

Some of the major Attractions in the city of Ajmer are:

Ajmer Sharif Dargah

It is the most visited and the most popular place to be visited in this city of Rajasthan. The Dargah is situated at the foot of the Taranga Hill and is a very important pilgrimage spot for Muslims of South Asia. The place is as sacred in India as Mecca and Medina.More than thousands of pilgrims visit the Dargah every day. The magnificent tomb of Sufi Saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti is visited by people of all faiths.

Ana Sagar Lake

It is a Historic man-made lake located in the north of Ajmer and is a beautiful outing spot in the city with its natural landscape. This scenic lake is located close to theDaulat Bagh. The man-made haven is a good place to spend some time as a picnic or enjoy the paddle boat or the jetty ride.

Adhai Din Ka Jhonpda

It is a mosque situated on a theTaragarh hill? It is noted for the detailed calligraphic work and charismatic air all around. This remarkable structure is an exquisite example of early Indo-Islamic Architecture. The mosque is believed to have been built in two and a half days and is a popular tourist destination of the city.

Tauranga Fort

It is a historic fort that is perched on the Aravallis and offers a panoramic picturesque view of the city of Ajmer. The Tarangah Fort is claimed to be the first hill fort in Asia. The fort very close to the Adhai-din-ka-jhonpda. High on the hilltop the fort allows the visitors to get a spellbinding view of Ajmer.

Ajmer Museum

It is another important destination in the city which displays a lot of sculptures and armor of the time and hence portrays the history of the city of Ajmer under one roof. The building of the Museum is an architectural beauty built with red sandstone crafted with wonderful square patterns.

The Mausoleum

It features the Akbari Masjid which is another highlight of the city. It is built of white marbles and is of a great interest to the visitors. The place has another Mosque built by Shahjahan and also has two huge cauldrons.

Sapno Ka Bazaar

It is a special market of the city of Ajmer which is more inclined towards religious artifacts, such as metal wire in the form of pitchers and urns. The most popular thing to buy is a concentrate of rose ‘attar’, personalized especially as memories of Ajmer which you can get for yourself as well as near and dear ones.

Magazine Museum

It is a historic place and the city Museum of Ajmer. It was once the royal home of Prince Salim of Rajasthan which now showcases a variety of ancient sculptures that take you to a journey of the history of Ajmer. It is a must visit place for ones who wish to dig deeper into the history and culture of Rajasthan.

Nasiyan Ji Mandir

It is also known as the Jain Temple Sonji ki Nastya is an exquisitely built temple displaying the Jain Architecture. The main chamber of the temple is known as the Swarna Nagri “City of Gold”. The temple has impeccably designed gold-plated figures of different animals which is designed with perfect detailing.

Foy Sagar Lake

It is an artificial lake located at a distance of 5 km from the city center of Ajmer. The picturesque lake is a masterpiece when it comes to an artificial lake. The lake provides a mesmerizing view of the Aravalli Mountains.

 There are a lot more other sites in the city of Ajmer like the Akbari Fort and Museum, Tomb of Khwaja Huasin Ajmeri, The Sai Baba Temple, Prithviraj Smarak, Dargah of Miran Syed Husain and a lot of other interesting places. Binding the tourists in its spiritual air and charismatic beauty, Ajmer captivates the hearts of tourists and the devotees visiting the place for the visit to the most sacred Ajmer Sharif.

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