The word Adventure means a wild and exciting undertaking, which may not necessarily be lawful. So if you have adrenaline to do things that most others won’t even think of attempting then you have landed on the right page. In this section, our travel experts talk about the best adventure sports to indulge in.

Before we start it is helpful to explain the geography of this country. Sitting on the north like crown are the mighty Himalayas that divides Indian subcontinent from the Eurasian plate. On the west in the Thar desert. Towards southwest is the Western Ghats that breathes life in this landscape. The eastern part of India is primarily the foothills of the Himalayas. Half of Indian border is coastline.

Sports Activities

Sports Activities

A paraphilia of adventure sports activities is available for experiencing today. If you venture to the northern Himalayas you can find an array of outdoor adventure things to do. The most prominent ones are paddle sports, especially white water rafting in the milky waters of Himalayan rivers. You can also plan to learn Kayaking through an intensive course in this region.

One can also seek rock climbing and strengthen their muscles and skills. Even for leisure travelers an intense workout on a rock wall can be a great fun. There are also options of paragliding, especially in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Nature lovers would love to explore bustling forests of India and explore nature from a close distance.

Check out all the major adventure activities and sports that you can try.

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Trekking and Camping

Trekking and Camping

Backpack trekking is the way of exploring nature on foot, going to the regions where the motor is not possible. Keen naturalist and explorers often exercise backpacking and find accommodation in camping in the wilderness. This trekking and camping in outdoors is the popular tourism activity for adventure seekers.

HelpTravelerOnline offers you a vast choice of adventure trekking programs in its mountainous topography. In the north, the Himalayas are the most challenging terrain for trekking and therefore the most preferred for keen mountaineers. It’s on these slopes of Himalayas that great dream is either pursued or broken. Towards the south of India are western ghats mountain ranges and Sahyadri ranges in the central part, which offers excellent easy hiking options for backpackers.

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