The Web is a massive database of information. When you browse the Internet you may submit or share personal details about that you do not want to disclose to others. At Help Traveler Online we work hard to protect our customer’s personal information when they use our website and services.

We have summarized our Privacy Policy below in order to protect your privacy and how we deal with your personal details. We believe that to use our services you must have the assurance of safety and protection of your personal information.

Below is the Privacy Policy of Help Traveler Online:

  1. When we ask for your any personal information, we keep it to ourselves unless you instruct us to do otherwise. When you subscribe to our services of emails, newsletter or groups, Help Traveler Online can dispatch you information about website updates, promotion deals that may be of relevance to you.
  1. We do not disclose your travel plans on Help Traveler Online.
  1. We take extra precautions to safeguard the private information of children. We would never collect children’s information through our website. It should be noted that the information on Help Traveler Online is also appropriate for children and youngsters.
  1. Our website is open to advertising and promotion schemes. Visitors must know that while browsing through our website you would be directed to other sites through advertising clicks. You should be sensitive about this and judicious enough to know that promos and ads are being directed to other websites. These other websites send their own cookies to your computer. They may access your personal information for browsing details. Please note that we do not take responsibility for any such activity initiated by other business owners.
  1. We intend to keep you updated about the usage of personal information that you submit or share with us. We will also sensitize you of any alterations in our Privacy Policy in future.
  1. Third Party Data Collection: There are third parties associated with our business venture, in form of advertisers, business associates, and vendors, who usually adapts technologies such as cookies to accumulate information about your online browsing action. The idea to collect this data is to quantify your website usage. Once this data is collected and analyzed than in future the website will present you ads and information that is in accordance with your interest (based on your browsing history). We must clarify to you again that Help Traveler Online cannot control or restrict this action of Third Parties, and therefore remains out of scope from our Privacy Policy. Please be sure to click or access links at our website only if you agree to our Privacy Policy and accept the limitations therein.
  1. If you do not wish to receive email updates or newsletters then you can instantly unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list. This will be effective immediately.

Our Privacy Policy is effective from 01st January 2017.