Cape Town is a bustling tourist destination in South Africa’s west coast. The expanse of natural scenery of the region is what pulls tourists here. Plus, there are numerous other activities to pursue in Cape Town and any amount of time period here would appear to be short.

Our travel experts have compiled a list of must-do activities or must visit attractions in order to help you make the best choice of places and destinations of Cape Town. Often, one is confused about the things to do at a particular destination. We will help you with that, so that you don’t walk around in a state of confusion.

Best Cape Town attractions or activities to do are:

The Table Mountain Visit

This is how your Cape Town adventure should begin. The most visible destination in Cape Town is the Table Mountain below which the town is established. The mountain top which is nestled within The Table Mountain National Park is the iconic landmark of the town and one the most visited destination in South Africa.

The visit to Table Mountain calls for some adventure. Simply because there is so many things to do. You must take the ropeway up to the Mountain Table and get a bird-eye view of the city and the shoreline. This little cable-car ride is breathtaking. And when you want to come down the mountain there are a number Rock and Rope sports that can assist you in coming down. Slither down the cliffs and you will be surprised how little time it takes to come down with the force of gravity. You may also cycle around the region if you love peddling.

Shark Cage Diving

The shark dive in cages is not for the faint hearted. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to test your adrenaline and lock horns with your darkest fears. Cape Town is the home of the Great White, and saying a hello to this magnificent creature can go in your memory for a long time.

There are a number of spots around Cape Town that have sizable population of Great White Sharks. So the probability of getting up and close with the shark is high here. Seal Island in False Bay is the home to Sharks and the encounter is almost guaranteed here.

 Boulders Beach Penguin Tour

Who doesn’t love the Penguins? I doubt if there is any soul on earth that dislikes a Penguin. South Africa is home to a colony of Jackass Penguin that dwells near Simons Town, a seaside village. The short drive from Cape Town takes you bang straight into Boulders beach, which is bustling with activities of the Penguins. The colony of Penguins is one the best wildlife experience you can have from such closeness. The water at Boulder beach is also warm and ideal for pursuing water sports.

Robben Island Tour

The Robben Island is infamous for the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela, who spent 18 years of his life in captivity here. It has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, besides featuring in South Africa National Heritage Site. Besides Mandela, several other political figures of South Africa have been imprisoned here in past making Robben Island even more famous.

The island is mere 7-km from the Cape Town, and therefore features in the To-Do list of the travelers. In geography, Robben Island is less than 3.5 km in length and smaller than 2-km in width. You can take a ferry trip to the island and walk through the Robben Island museum. The museum narrates the history of the island and the historical movement that got the spark here. You may also take a leisure tour of the island and explore its adventurous spots.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

The Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront is bustling with life since morning till late night. Built and named after Queen Victoria’s second son, Alfred, the harbor was used by European bound ships as a stopover. Today, it has become a meeting point for travelers who love to indulge in fun. There is a wide choice of shopping at Victoria & Alfred, boasting a large number of shops, bars and restaurants. There are street performers keeping you entertained all the while.

When at Victoria & Alfred Waterfront you must check out the Two Oceans Aquarium to explore marine life through glasses. Make sure to take a walk through the Greenmarket Square for a range of activities. The Victoria & Alfred waterfront is also the starting point for Rhode Island tours and for whale watching.

The location of Victoria & Alfred waterfront facing Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking. It is easy to reach Victoria & Alfred waterfront near Cape Town through CT Harbour Metrorail. One can also drive here without much trouble.

Castle of Good Hope

It is known as the oldest surviving building of South Africa. May not be true, but this star shaped fort called Castle of Good Hope is a key attraction of Cape Town. It was built by the East India Company in 17th century. It is still intact and sees the guard changing ceremony. They also fire the cannon when the key ceremony takes places at Castle of Good Hope.

Castle of Good Hope houses several museums now. Therefore, it becomes a good choice for families to learn and gain some knowledge about the colonial past of the region. You can chose to travel around in horse-drawn carriages, which we feel should be fun. The castle is accessible 9am-4pm every weekday. You can witness the ceremony at 10am and at noon every weekday.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is on the Table Mountain slope sprawling 89 acres of natural landscape. The garden is also part of Table Mountain National Park. More than 7,000 species of plants have been recorded here, and several of them are endemic. This place is heaven for someone into Botany.

When in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens you will find easy to move trails guiding you through the park. More importantly, the bio diversity will improve your curiosity towards mother nature. The botanical garden is open for visitor’s entry everyday, from 8 am till 7 pm. The entry fee is mere $5.

We will add more information about Cape Town destinations and things to do in near future. We hope this Cape Town guide was helpful to your cause.